Dreams are an amazing tool many of us don’t use. Your dreams are a reflection of your inner and outer world. They represent your thoughts and feelings on what you believe and how you act. Even though they may seem ludicrous and far- fetched, there is meaning behind them.They are a great measuring tool to check into subconscious beliefs you are operating from.

Dreams help you understand fears in life so you can better face them and move through them. They can also help you focus on your wins. The wins in your dream are telling you of what your subconscious believes is possible.

As you fall asleep at night set an intention to remember your dreams.

Your subconscious is the key to healing beliefs. Many beliefs you aren’t even aware of. However, they will show up in your dreams. Pay Attention! Fears, nightmares, running from someone or something are all key elements of what needs attention in your life. When you are able to consciously look at what they represent, you have the ability to address the beliefs they relate to.

For example, when I get overwhelmed, I have dreams where I’m in my old career as a hairdresser/esthetician, I have clients lined up out the door and I know it’s going to be all day before I can get to them. I have one in the chair processing, while another is in the middle of a haircut and I’m waxing eyebrows on even another. I am hurrying as fast as I can, I’m noticing the long line as I rip the wax off and I take off half her eyebrow! SCARY huh! Okay, so let’s analyze.

These dreams occur when I am very busy trying to balance work life, writing a book, planning courses, educating myself, updating web information, taking care of a home, and being mom and wife. When my life is not balanced, my night dreams are not balanced and I am in overload in the dream.

The solution: Designate my time, use my planner to make lists and check them off as I do them so the chaos doesn’t remain in my head when I fall asleep. Also learn to be completely in the present moment so I don’t rip someone’s eyebrow off! Ha/ha

Use your dreams to your advantage. Many times answers to life’s perplexing questions will be answered in your dream state. Ask one question before retiring to bed. “What’s the best way to heal the anxiety I’ve been having?” “How can I get along better with my teenage son?” “What’s the next step for me to go after my dreams?”

Many individuals can’t remember dreams when starting out. Here are a few tips and tricks.

1. Tell yourself before falling asleep “I want to remember my dreams, help me to remember my dreams.”

2. If you wake to an alarm, tell yourself to wake up 10 min. before your alarm goes off. Alarms are a sure killer of remembering a dream because they bring you to an awake state abruptly.

3. Wake up slowly, stay in la la land and stay as long as you can. (My favorite meditative state to be in) You will become skilled at doing this the more you practice. You will even learn to go in and out of the dream and control it. (This is called lucid dreaming, which is very beneficial to creating a life you want since you are telling the subconscious mind what you want.)

4. While in this dreamy state repeat the dream to yourself. “I am in the woods playing with horses,” for example. As soon as your mind goes to the day’s events the dream will leave you so stay present to it.

5. Keep your journal and pen by your bed side to record as soon as you wake up while the details are still fresh. You could even use a hand held recorder and write it later.

The Meditate on the Go journal has a section for your dreams. It has all the perfect questions to assist you in interpreting your dreams. Don’t have a journal? You can get one here.

“The dream tracker is the easiest way I have found to remember my dreams. Thanks, I love the Meditate on the Go journal!” Ron, ID

Have FUN with this. Dreams are fascinating! Post your favorites here, positive or negative- We would love to hear about your dreams.

Quantum Touch Training

From left to right Judy Nelson, Carolyn Knight, Wendy Hay, Lisa Savage, Monica Taylor, Leslie Johnson, Sandra Baker
Quantum Touch is so much fun! This is one the simplest tools I have found to raise your vibration and feel better. When you combine breathing, focused attention and happy thoughts, you get amazing results! Watch for upcoming trainings. Here is a picture of our first training group.

who/what is making choices

My question has to do with who / what is actually making choices. This is a pretty deep question and I hope I can describe it so it is understandable. So there is an ego (or more than one) and our spirit. We have teachers, guides, angels etc…All of these entities talk to us, providing many many thoughts / ideas. Do you have any thoughts as to who / what makes the final choice. After all the input from the above mentioned sources (and then some)we purchase the blue one instead of the pink one, why? Some would say it doesn’t matter, please understand, I’m not wrapped up at all about the colors in the example, just the process. I have recently come to realize / believe there are (or can be) multiple ego spirits that are here to assist us with specific challenges. The questions I pose to you relate to further understanding of how to embrace the ego(s) and move strongly toward following spirit input and not the other inputs mentioned above.

I am currently interested in finding out more about the choice process and who /what makes the actual choice given all the input from our many “voices”. Free will prevails. Choice is very different when we are passionate about a certain something. Let me know if you have any thoughts or theories about how the final choice is made.

Jeff -Salt Lake City

5 tips to Enjoy the Holidays during difficult times

At times when money is short, jobs are hard to find, and stress and anxiety are on the rise, it may seem overwhelming to enjoy the holidays. We live in a time in the world that is very unique. The economy is dropping and many people are out of work. What can you do? How do you deal with the stress?

With all experiences in life, negative or positive, there is a gift. The gift is much easier to find during good times… but what is the gift, you may be asking, with what I am experiencing now? The gift is in the learning…

Here are some simple tips to receive the gifts available to you now.

1. Instead of asking “Why me?” ask “What can I learn from this experience?” Keep this prayer in your heart and seek answers. They will show up through various forms such as feelings, a thought that seems to come from nowhere, a conversation, a clip in a movie or on TV, through lyrics in a song, a book you may be drawn to, or even a random email . As you receive answers, write them down. Journal answers that come to you in the moment you receive them. Be present to the feelings of peace and love that come to you. (If you struggle with answers to prayers, the one-day “Intuitive Living” event is for you: check times and dates.)

2. Stay present to the moment. When you are in fear or worry, you are in the future. When you are in guilt and regret, you are in the past. These emotions are meant to last about two seconds; just long enough to notice them and choose what you would rather have. Keep bringing your thoughts to the right here, right now where you are warm, safe and dry.

3. Bring in feelings of gratitude for all that you do have and are experiencing right now. Gratitude lifts your spirits and the vibration that you are emitting to attract more of what you want rather than what you don’t want. Make a list of all that you are grateful for. Add to it daily. In the “Meditate on the Go Journal” there is a section to record gratitude on a daily basis (available here).

4. Dance to a new tune. Life’s experiences can bring about a lot of change we may not be accustomed to. “Dance to a new tune” means to celebrate life in all of its forms. Having a Christmas without gifts is a great way to experience Christmas in different ways. These ways don’t have to be bad, just different. In fact, you’ll find the most memorable holidays you have experienced were because of a feeling you remember, not because of something you received. Practice feeling the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of giving of yourself right now as you are reading this.

5. Give the gifts you can give. Give your time. Your time can be more valuable than any amount of money you give when the time you give is given from love. Hold love in your heart and visit those who are less fortunate then you. The homeless shelters are full of opportunities to share yourself with others. Visit those in retirement centers who don’t have family near them. Allow spirit to guide you as where to go and give freely.

Celebrate the season by dancing to a new tune! That tune can be created any way you wish. You are the creator! Choose to create love, gratitude and joy. You can feel it now! Take a few moments to be present to those words and feel them as I am sending them…

Happy Holidays!
Love and Light, Sandra

Business ideas just clicked

Hi Sandra!

I love your new website. I’ve been thinking about you, and just started listening to your CD again, at night. I have yet to do my meditation on the go journal. I just wasn’t ready at the time. Its taken me all of this time to get a grip. I’ve realized the only thing I can do, is to focus on what I want for myself, and learn to love myself. So thats what I’m putting all of my time and energy into. This will be a good time to begin using the journal.

My session with you was extremely helpful, and I hope to work with you again in the near future. The ideas or insight you had about my business just clicked last week and I am implementing them.

A poets thoughts

Hello Sandra

I was on an Exploration of Diverse Worlds on the web I found your Fresh and Inspired site. I Enjoyed your Personal Insights and I Celebrate your Individualism. Thank you for Sharing your Unique and Distinctive site. Everything Resonates with Positive Energy. May yours be a Path towards Natures Truth where you Live your Passion and Rejoice in your Gifts.

I found your site a World of Vision and Grace. A Creative Atmosphere of Wonder and Imagination. Your pages Radiate Confidence and Cultivate Joyous Vibration . I Honour your Aesthetic Expression. I wish you a World without Limits where Waves of Waking Dreams Romance your Soul.

May yours be a Path to Wholeness where the Whisperings of your Soul Manifest your Goals and fill you with Ancient Holistic Wisdom.

Thank you for today

“I want to thank you for today. I’ve been seeing not only myself differently, but others as well. I am going to try hard to do the homework you gave me, and not give up just because I don’t feel good at the moment.

I also want to just thank you in general for EVERYTHING you have done for me, and for caring and not giving up on me. I’m so grateful I met you. You give me hope when I am ready to give up.”

Your Website

“I have been having some emotional and physical problems lately and have been doing research about fasting because it came to me while meditating. In the course of my research I found information about life coaching versus counseling. I have tried the typical therapy and always felt worse when I left than I did when I arrived. Anyway I did a search for a life couch in my area and found your website.

I have got to tell you how I ended up picking you over the others as I have no idea what it means but feel I have to follow my gut that I should see you. When I got to your site I was perfectly calm, things had been bothering me but I had not broken down. When I found your site and started reading, I just started crying uncontrollably. I have no idea why as it was not what I was reading. It would get so bad that I couldn’t even see to read so I would go onto one of the other websites I had found during my search, and I would calm down. Then I would go back to your site and it would start all over again. This happened perhaps 5 or 6 times. I am taking it that it means if I see you I will be able to release things, but I need to hurry before I end up in a mental hospital :^)”