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“I have been having some emotional and physical problems lately and have been doing research about fasting because it came to me while meditating. In the course of my research I found information about life coaching versus counseling. I have tried the typical therapy and always felt worse when I left than I did when I arrived. Anyway I did a search for a life couch in my area and found your website.

I have got to tell you how I ended up picking you over the others as I have no idea what it means but feel I have to follow my gut that I should see you. When I got to your site I was perfectly calm, things had been bothering me but I had not broken down. When I found your site and started reading, I just started crying uncontrollably. I have no idea why as it was not what I was reading. It would get so bad that I couldn’t even see to read so I would go onto one of the other websites I had found during my search, and I would calm down. Then I would go back to your site and it would start all over again. This happened perhaps 5 or 6 times. I am taking it that it means if I see you I will be able to release things, but I need to hurry before I end up in a mental hospital :^)”

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Lover of Life, Creator of Intuitive Life Coach Academy, Rapid Eye Trainer Author children's book "The Unique You." Passionate about Connecting Heaven & Earth, playing on the planet blissfully and connecting relationships.

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