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Rapid Eye Wealth (Friday, March 13 – Sunday, March 15, 2015)

Calling all Rapid Eye Technicians!
It’s time for you to unleash your spiritual gifts, gain confidence in your coaching skills/wand techniques, build the private practice you’ve always wanted, and earn the income you deserve! During this 3-day course you will learn:

  • To coach clients using the pattern cycle to perfection
  • How to personalize your client’s sessions so they keep coming back
  • Which wand techniques and processes to use in any given situation
  • How to learn your own practice strengths
  • How to build your private practice through personal branding, attracting your niche market, marketing your strengths, and earning the income you deserve
  • How to tap into your Intuitive Gifts and use them to read and perceive your clients’ energy in your sessions.

$450.00 per person Pay Online for Course

Connect Heaven and Earth / Mend Your Grieving Heart (February 9 – March 16, 2015)

This weekly course starts February 9, 2015, and continues for six weeks on Mondays at 4 PM MDT. Attendees will participate via the Internet and telephone. You will receive a downloadable manual and workbook, guided imagery, group and individual coaching, and a group Rapid Eye Session to lift pain and grief. Limited to 6 people to ensure individual attention.

Course Outline:
– Learn to Heal Physically, Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually
– Steps to Grieving and Healing from Loss
– Transform Pain to Messages of Love
– Reframe the Relationship with Your Loved One
– Learn and Strengthen Your Spiritual Gifts
– Connect and Communicate with Your Deceased Loved Ones

$395.00 per person for 6 Group Sessions and the above package.
Pay online for course
(Note: The regular price for 6 Individual Sessions is $900.00)


Energy Masters

In this one day training you will learn to:
– Enhance your Intuitive Gifts by opening your third eye
– Read and perceive energy
– Raise the frequency of your energy centers (chakras)
– Receive clear information from them
– Know the function and purpose of chakras 1-12
– Intentionally create a life you love mastering the energy in your personal space

$195.00 per person (Bring a FRIEND FREE if registering at least 7 days prior).
Pay online for course


The Awakening

This is a monthly two-hour seminar designed to assist you on your journey of transformation. Every month has a different topic that will unmute your soul to Awaken. This is a great way to introduce friends to transformation because your first-time friend gets in FREE. They are held the first Wednesday of every month. Check exact dates and times. $35.00 per person, first-time friend is FREE. Pay Online for Seminar

Thought Watchers

This monthly Support Group is for past and current clients. It’s a safe environment to create support for sharing experiences to promote healing. Sharing creates new perceptions, understanding, self-awareness, hope and relief. It also anchors in the learning, and the teacher and student become one. Thought Watchers focuses on keeping participants in power and choice, and letting go of being victimized by their surroundings. Combining group support with private sessions accelerates transformation so that emotional pain dissolves quickly. Our support group is held the third Wednesday of every month from 6 to 8 PM (some dates may be altered for other training). See Calendar for exact dates, times and location. Free for current and past clients.

Family Constellation (2.5 hours)

Do you find yourself held in negative energy family patterns that continue to surface? Are you repeating problems of your parents and previous generations?

Family Constellations is a unique process designed to shift family patterns. The process brings in surprising insights as to the issues and patterns held. Participants act out solutions for and behalf of the family being processed using spirit and intuition. Participants re-frame the challenges into solutions by embracing what is, finding the message of love, the learning the soul wanted to gain from this experience and the energy matrix shifts.

Come join us as a participant to this unique process. Check exact dates and times.

$35.00 per person, or $50.00 if you want your family processed. Two individuals will be chosen to get processed. Please make arrangements prior to the process (contact me if you would like your family processed for you).
Pay Online for Training

You Are Not Your Body

This 2½ day playshop will provide you a new understanding and love for your body. You will learn how to be aware of it and listen to it daily. As a result you can access healing to release unwanted pounds and transform physical limitations permanently. $375.00 Pay Online for 2½-day Playshop

Manifesting Money

This 2½ day course will give you a new understanding of what beliefs are stopping you from making the money that your are worth. You will also learn simple techniques that will increase your worth now and reprogram DNA beliefs around the fear of failure as well as the fear of success. $375.00   Pay Online for 2½-day Course

Attract the Love of Your Life

This 2½ day course will open the door to new relationships in every area of your life. Whether you are married or single you will learn simple steps to attract and create loving relationships that can be full of connection and excitement. $375.00  Pay Online for 2½-day Course

Your Awakening – Proclaim Your Real Identity!

You have been living an illusion your entire life. This illusion was created from beliefs that have blocked you from being your True Self. These blocks show up as lack. Lack can be with time, money, health, or harmony in your relationships. Your beliefs whether negative or positive are creating the life you are currently living. Where are you experiencing lack? Imagine a life free of lack and self sabotage where infinite possibilities were accessible on a daily basis. Now you can experience an abundance of all good things as a part of your every day experience! $495.00. Pay online for course. (SAVE and pay with Intuitive Life Coaching Course Here.)

“I attended the ‘Your Awakening’ playshop, which was an amazing and intense experience… I was able to connect with repressed feelings, shift my awareness, identify deceptive beliefs and learn how to break these patterns, and ultimately experience divine love for myself.”
Patricia, Dominican Republic

Three-Day Schedule:
Thursday, 9 AM to 6 PM
Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM
Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM

During this course you will:

  • Break free from self-sabotage
  • Discover the Real You and live daily connected to infinite power
  • Learn your personality type and live authentically
  • Transform pain to peace
  • Heal your relationships
  • Live meaningful purpose and answer your call
  • Overcome the fear that stops your greatness
  • Develop and use your spiritual gifts
  • Ignite your passion and playfulness
  • Create your soul’s intention
  • Transcend limiting beliefs into messages of Love

Cost: $495 Pay online for course

Intuitive Living

One-Day Course: $195.00
2½-Day Course: $375.00
Pay Online (select One-Day or 2½-day Course according to Scheduled Course at your selected location.)  Course Details TBA.

Intuitive Life Coaching

This 5-Day course (Awaken Within, Meditate on the Go, Intuitive Living, Abundant Light Worker, and Life Coaching) is designed for individuals who want to be certified as a Life Coach. Click here for more detail. You will learn simple step-by-step processes to take individuals out of upset, transform limiting beliefs, discover their own divinity, forgive themselves and heal relationships. By the time you graduate you will have 6 sessions to offer your clients.

** If you are going through the training as staff or re-sitting the training, you pay only $100.00.
**Refer a Friend and receive a $50 discount on your tuition.**
Pay Online for 5-Day Course
(SAVE and pay with Your Awakening – Proclaim Your Real Identity.)

Couple Connection

This 2½ day course will ignite the love connection you have with your partner. You will learn to love and honor the differences in each other and create more balance in your relationship. You will be able to honor you both for who you are. Reinvent your current relationship to something that serves you both better. Access communication on higher realms and connect to new levels of intimacy. $375.00 Pay Online for 2½-day Course.

SPECIAL EVENT: Feb 21, 2009: One-day Event $195 Pay Online

Meet your Spiritual Team

We all have spiritual support for our life journey. They want to help us anytime we will allow them in. During this course you will learn…
– How to connect with your deceased loved ones
– Read and perceive auras and energy around you
– Interpret others energy and give readings
– Who your Spiritual Team is
– How to connect with them using your spiritual gifts
– Raise your vibration and meditate to receive clarity
– Ask the right questions and receive answers that will assist you in your life purpose.
– Listen and interpret their messages

Being in touch with these Beings is a powerful way to shift your life from struggle and pain to compassion, understanding your life purpose and experience more joy, ease and gratitude through the process. Come and discover how much help you already have and how to access it!

9 am – 6 pm
$150 / Bring a friend free! (includes a manual) Pay Online

Fall in Love with You

You are an amazing Being of LOVE! You are here to fulfill a purpose that no one can do just like you. There is and ever will be only one of you with all that you are here and now. You are unique, gifted, talented and Loved!
But… you have forgotten… the frequencies changed from a higher to lower dimension as you entered the planet and a veil of energy has caused you to forget.

Join me Saturday, March 22, 2014 to Remember your Divinity and “Fall in Love With You!”
In this playshop you will learn:

  • How to meditate to alpha consciousness and access Spirit Realm to remember your truth.
  • The difference between Self Confidence, Self Worth and Self Esteem; why each is important and how to obtain all three.
  • How to see yourself differently by understanding and forgiving yourself.
  • You are not your Ego, body, thoughts or beliefs. Without these identities you are no thing…. As you discover that, you recognize you are Something!
    Saturday, March 22, 2014 from 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday, March 22, 2014 from 9 AM to 6 PM
Lunch provided (you may bring something to share if you like).
$150.00 per person (SAVE: $50.00 OFF if you register before March 1st).
Hurry, seating limited! Click here to register/pay online.


Each of the above courses may be tailored to retreats or one day playshops anywhere in the country.  Information about Sandra Weller’s speaking services.

One day courses are $195.00 per person. Traveling expenses will be paid by Meeting Planner. A minimum of 20 participants for one-day and 10 participants for 2½-day playshops is required. Email:


Anyone who would like to attend any course a second time may do so for $100.00.
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