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Welcome to Awaken Within, Your Path to Wholeness

Intuitive Life Coaching – PTSD – Rapid Eye Technology – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Healing – Intimacy, Healthy Relationships, Energy Therapy – Meditation – Chakra Balancing – Mindfulness – Life Coach Training, Rapid Eye Training

“You came to the planet to experience  ‘The Journey of Joy.’  Are you ready?”
– Sandra Weller


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Welcome … Thanks for landing on our page.  What if… “That which you are seeking is also seeking you?”  You aren’t here by accident and our meeting is not by chance.

Are you looking for inner peace, health, intimate relationships, joy, connection, and an abundance of good things?  You have come to the right place.

My name is Sandra Weller, my specialty is “Connecting Heaven and Earth.”  I am here to assist you in creating a life of purpose and passion through waking up to the truth of who you are, Your Divine Self.

Your time is now! Through a simple process called Awaken Within we get to your core issues very quickly that are sabotaging you and provide tools to transform them.

You’ll discover your soul’s higher learning from the painful experiences you came to earth to clear and transform them to “Messages of Love.

You’ll learn how to reprogram your mind through a technique called Meditate on the Go, where you will begin immediately to create a life full of love, prosperity, passion, and joy.

With the assistance of Rapid Eye Technology we can release any negative programming, trauma or stress that is keeping you stuck or in pain.

We are able to honor your current limitations, release them, and anchor in new belief systems that allow transformation to occur as fast as you are ready. Emotional blocks disappear and Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual healing become accessible. We put together a plan to re-create an amazing life of health, passion, peace, and joy.This process is simple and it works!                                                                                                                      Note here…. Simple does not necessarily mean easy, although it does get easier the more you practice new ways of living.  It worked for me 23 years ago and it has worked for 1000’s of my clients over the past 18 years.

We offer many solutions through one on one coaching in person, FaceTime, Messenger, Skype, What’s App or the phone.  We also offer a plethora of free information, videos, tools, books, and audios to assist you on your journey.

Whether you are a company, organization, or individual, we can help. Consider the possibility that you are ready to AWAKEN WITHIN.

“I was desperate when I went on a search online to find Sandra. I was sad that the current job that I was working in was not allowing me to feel fulfilled or passionate; I felt hopeless. I also wanted to understand why I was attracting relationships that would bring me pain and make me feel uncared for. When I saw Sandra’s website, it truly resonated with what I believed in, and the website felt right. So I chose to give her a call and I have gone to 3 sessions so far that have truly changed my life.
I feel as though there is a window of hope since I have met her. She is more than a life coach. She is a caring and loving friend. I am very grateful to have found her on this website. Today I’m taking my boyfriend with me to have a session together and I am so excited so that we can both learn how to create holy and loving relationships with ourselves and with each other and of course our beautiful children and family.
Thank you Sandra for all you have done!
May the universe pay you back through experiences of joy for you and your family. I feel I am on the right track seeing Sandra and I hope so many more people can experience the joy I have by going to a session with her.”
Gabriela Molina

“Sandra! I have to thank you again. You’re so amazing. Working through a trigger was very hard today, but I had a strong breakthrough. Afterwards I was able to bounce back and get started on the ideas you gave me for my business. I’ve already updated my website, made two blogs, and posted a mothers day special!! You’ve really given me the confidence and the permission to start using my business and have a greater internet presence.
In just the first couple of sessions I have seen great results. It is helpful to know my pattern cycle and I’ve really appreciated the books you’ve referred me to. I didn’t even know I was so disconnected from my spiritual self and I’m happy that you gave me the opportunity to find that connection again. Each session is packed with so much useful information that it helps me to record it and to take notes while we talk. You are a great teacher and it is a pleasure learning from someone that is so authentic and accessible. My relationships are going better and I already feel more balanced.
I’ve done years of traditional therapy, and what I like about your method, is your ability to work as a healer, therapist, and life coach. You are the best and you have encouraged me to make positive changes. Win! Thank you. This stuff can move so fast and I’m really impressed and happy.”
Nan Affleck Hardt, LMT, Woodinville, WA

“I spent a year seeing a psychologist every week, setting a game plan and not feeling better week after week. After 1 Rapid Eye Session with Sandra, I was able to release trapped emotion that I didn’t even know was there. I believe it’s a miracle to release so much so quickly. There were emotions trapped that I wasn’t even aware of. The words she used in the RET session to release negative emotions were right on my issues. I FINALLY feel happy and at peace. I wish everyone could experience it! Energy work is something I would have never considered. I knew nothing about it before I contacted Sandra. It is such an amazing experience to feel new energy moving through my body. I feel humble, grateful and full of love. Words can’t describe it, other than it is life changing. Since I first started my sessions, my connection with God is stronger than its every been in my entire life! If you are wondering if it’s for you, JUST DO IT!”
Nate – Ogden

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  4. Release stress, trauma, abuse of all kinds, addictions of all kinds, depression, anger and grief as well as family and relationship patterns quickly and safely through Rapid Eye Technology – WATCH VIDEO
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Learn the “Meditate on the Go” Process

Here is what a few of my clients are experiencing…


Because of our unique process that targets limiting beliefs in your very first session as well as Rapid Eye Technology, healing can take place at a very rapid rate. Rapid Eye Technology (RET) is a form of energy medicine that simulates REM sleep or rapid eye movement, except you are conscious and awake. It has the ability to release trapped trauma and stress at a cellular level. Any issue that causes stress can be released and the body and mind retrained to respond differently. Rapid blinking in a RET session puts you in a state of balance which allows anything out of balance to release.

Serving Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, Ogden, and Davis, Weber and Salt Lake Counties, Utah.
Also serving all locales via FaceTime, Skype, What’s App. Messenger and telephone sessions.

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