Are You Experiencing Drama in Your Life?

The Drama Triangle

Are you experiencing drama in your life?

The drama triangle was created by Dr. Stephen Karpman back in 1968.

I love the simplicity of it. Whenever you recognize there is drama going on in your life, take a step back and observe it. Which position on the triangle are you playing? The perpetrator, the rescuer or the victim?

The perpetrator has a need to be right and prove everyone else wrong. He or she talks down to people, name-calling and yelling. Verbal, mental, emotional and of course physical abuse all fall under the drama of the perpetrator. You can recognize when you are playing the part of the perpetrator when you feel above someone else and or have a need to make them less than you outwardly or even in your own mind.

The perpetrator is created from a child feeling power by bullying others. He may feel weak in other areas of his life such as academics, or friendships, therefore he uses his size and aggression to empower himself. He gets rewarded for this behavior and thus uses it throughout his life to compensate for other areas of perceived weakness.

The Rescuer, also known as the enabler has a need to fix people. She sees others as broken and has a need to repair them. You know you fall under this category when you feel taken advantage of, unappreciated and over-spent. You’ll notice doing for others what they can do for themselves.

Note here… There is a difference of serving others and rescuing others. It’s all about your come from, or the attitude that you are coming from when you do the actions.

If you are doing for others out of love in your heart without having an expectation or attachment to the outcome, this is called service. However, if you are pleasing others so that you can feel needed, valued, and Important, or are wanting acknowledgment or something in return, this is a pattern of codependency, enabling and rescuing and will create drama for you and the one you are rescuing. If you fall under this category, you may have learned as a child that you received love and attention by taking care of others such as your siblings or even your parents. You became the caregiver at a very young age and received love and attention for it, therefore it is what your are programmed to do as an adult.

The victim shows up in life as one who is always lacking time, relationships, health, and/or money, or all of the above. This person lets you know they are in lack and are in need of help. If you fall under this category you may notice yourself whining and complaining about life a lot. You may see yourself as incapable and therefore need others to rescue you. The victim doesn’t know how to be empowered to feel love, but rathe r has learned to receive love by being inadequate and incapable.

The victim mentality is created from a childhood perceiving lack of love. However, the child notices he can receive attention if he is injured in some form. This is caused from busy parents who don’t make time for children unless it’s an emergency. This programs the child to interpret that they are not loved unless they are injured and thus creates a lot of drama as an adult. The victim mentality has a great need to sabotage their life, this can all be done on an unconscious level. Most individuals with this kind of mentality don’t even realize what they are doing. They don’t know their power and or are afraid of being powerful. The underlying belief is if they are “too powerful, they may not receive love.”

When one or more of these parts is being played in the drama triangle, they will need another to be on the receiving end of the drama being played out. For example the perpetrator needs the victim, the victim needs the rescuer to fix her as well as the perpetrator to abuse her to justify that she is the victim. The rescuer needs a victim and or a perpetrator to fix. Many times we will fall into one roll and then move to another one so quickly, we don’t even realize what is taking place. The best way to know when you are falling under one of these positions is to be very aware of how much drama is taking place in your life at all times so that you may correct the behavior.

Drama in your life

Robin William’s Death Affecting Millions

On Aug. 11, 2014 A dear soul chose to exit this human experience.  Robin Williams has impacted millions of individuals with his life of love, service and entertainment. Now as his soul has exited his body, he serves us on another level.  He facilitates opening the collective consciousness to our own darkness and pain, and supports us in healing it with him.

This story has impacted me so much I have needed days to process it before I could write.  So many of us were shocked and saddened by the news.  How could someone who was loved by the world not be able to feel his contribution and love by others?  His death has impacted millions of individuals and caused us to look within at our own darkness.  Perhaps, this was also part of his purpose here on the planet;  To inspire great joy and service while in his body and through his transition, cause us to go within and face our own emotional pain and heal it.
I feel very connected to this purpose and am dedicated to continuing it.  I humbly have had a unique opportunity to experience some understanding from Robin’s perspective.  I also feel his passion and purpose in continuing to bring awareness of depression and the effects of addiction to others.
Depression is a sickness all sensitive souls have experienced at some time.  Some of us experience inherent depression (birth trauma is associated with this) and situational depression (which is caused from external events that occur such as losing your job, a relationship or death etc.)  You could be one who experiences both.  There are many forms of depression and causes of it.  Educate yourself on what it is for you and when you get it.
In this dense energy we can’t see, feel or experience light or love.  I know in my own “dark night of the soul,” I was ready to drive my car off an overpass so that my children would think it was an “accident” and not blame themselves.  In that moment of my life, deep sadness and dark engulfed me and I saw no other way out of it.
Whatever stopped me from pushing the gas pedal in that moment, still stirs my soul now to continue to learn, grow, heal patterns and teach others how to do the same thing.
Most sensitive souls on the planet have had suicidal ideations and need skills and tools to cope with these emotions.  I feel a great need to get the message out to the masses.
There is hope!  There are tools to provide understanding and forgiveness for yourself and others.  We need help getting this message out there.  Learn the tools for yourself and share, share, share….
The acronym I use for healing is AWAKEN.
Aware –  Become aware of your thoughts and feelings to understand what triggers your internal upsets.
Willing – Be willing to break the pattern by getting the support and help you need. There are many Light Workers on the planet with many modalities of healing.  Follow your heart to find what resonates for you.  I use Intuitive Life Coaching as well as Rapid Eye Technology for myself and my clients.
Ask – Ask “Who Am I without these negative beliefs? and Where would I be without them?”
Knowledge – Seek knowledge.  Educate yourself about your patterns, your thinking and tools to heal it.  Ask your Spiritual Team to show you the “truth” about you.
Embrace – Embrace your Light.  Embrace your Dark.. Embrace your patterns.  There is a purpose in them.  You are here to experience duality and contrast to learn that you are not your thoughts nor your patterns.  You are greater than all of it.  You are Love!  Ask to experience this..
Now-  Stay in the now, the present where healing is available to you.  If you are in negative thinking patterns, your mind is in the past (guilt and regret) or it is in the future (fear and worry).  By learning to stay in the Now, you can experience more peace and joy in your life.
I honor you on your journey of wellness.  It is my intention to provide information, tools, sessions and educate the masses.  Together let’s lift the consciousness of Love to be more prevalent on the planet.  Learn to Be the Love that you already are!  If you are interested in becoming an Intuitive Life Coach or a Rapid Eye Technician contact me.
In our last Thought Watchers Support Group, we discussed the topic of inherent and situational depression and birth trauma.  You can listen here.
If you need additional coaching or your birth cleared.  Contact me or one of my Light Workers for an Intuitive Life coaching session and a Rapid Eye Birth Clearing, ( List of Rapid Eye Technicians near you).  This is essential for your wellness!
Lots of love coming your way!

Your 12 Energy Centers called Chakras

Our Human Energy System
A Chakra is a vortex of energy that regulates and maintains our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.  The word means “wheel of light” in Sanskrit.  They serve as revolving doorways or portals between our mind, body and soul.  They connect us to the multi dimensional universe.  They take in and process higher vibrational energy so that we may assimilate it for the physical body. 
We have major and minor chakras.  The major chakras regulate our most major functions in the body and the minor chakras regulate more minor functions.  There are twelve major chakras, seven, which are in the physical body.  The other five chakras are out of our physical bodies but are still associated part of our physical existence.   They have a front and back side to them and create literal vortex’s of energy moving through our body.
Chakras are recording centers.  They record life events in them similar to brain cells.  They record past life -time encounters as well as present lifetime situations.  They record the negative as well as the positive.  This is where we also hold DNA patterns from ancestors.  This can be problematic when we are storing information from the DNA that is not actually are own experiences. 
We can communicate with each chakra to discover blocks, imbalances and information stored here. 

Each chakra is like a revolving door of giving and receiving.  It has a male and female aspect.  The Yin (female) aspect of the chakra receives information and its effects on our self and the yang or energy output and its effects on the outer world. 

1st chakra  root- grounds you to earth and physical survival  “I have”
womb to 6 mo. developed
2nd chakra  sacral- releases innate creativity and pleasure  “I feel/want”
developed 6 mo.–2 yrs.
3rd chakra  solar plexus – vitality and will, personal power “I can”
2 ½ – 3 ½
4th chakra heart – bridges physical and spiritual, love compassion and empathy “I love” 4 ½ -6 ½
5th chakra throat- inspires you to speak and listen in spirit and truth “I speak and listen” 6 ½ -8 ½
6th chakra third eye – gives you vision beyond sight past present and future “I see”
8 ½ -14 yrs
7th chakra crown – pure thought, infinite consciousness, spiritual wisdom
14-21 yrs
8th chakra – Book of life.  Akashic records
21-28 yrs
9th chakra – Life purpose, family programs can run here.  Miracles Manifest
28-35 yrs.
10th chakra – expressed feelings of self, spiritual into physical. Relates to groundings
preconception and conception.  Reactivated 35-42 yrs
11th chakra – pink energy around hands and feet. Transmutes energy external.
12th chakra – point in the center of the earth and surrounds body connects to 32 secondary chakras

Relationships, Our Greatest Teachers

Relationships, Our Greatest Teachers
Why are relationships our greatest teachers?  Every relationship you are experiencing in your life has meaning.  Each has a specific purpose as your teacher if you allow them.   Family, friends, co-workers, spouses and children have a message for you, learning for you about you. 
These individuals you are in relationship with are not necessarily here to teach you what they know and think you need to know, but rather they are in your life as a mirror of your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  They provide you a space to learn about yourself through their presence in your life and how you interact and react to them.   You learn most from these individuals by how you feel about this person and about yourself while in this person’s presence. 
The relationships in your life that cause the greatest turmoil, frustration and anxiety will teach you the most about yourself if you will allow them.  Pay attention to those people in your life that perturb you the most.  Be open to dig deeper to the traits about them that create anxiety, frustration or feelings of lack, within you. 
Seeking Love
Imagine what your life would look like if all of your relationships had a foundation of harmony and love?  Where there was never a need to defend or prove you to anyone?  What if you had no ill will toward any persons, and understood that all your relationships have a spiritual purpose in your life, the negative as well as the positive?
We go through our young lives looking for love, approval and acceptance from our parents as young children and then turn to friends or social groups as teenagers looking for that love and acceptance from friends and abandoning our families sometimes through rebellion. “I don’t need you,” attitude.  “I’ll show you.” Then we marry someone looking to fulfill that emptiness or need to be loved. However our subconscious mind assists us in choosing someone who triggers our most core issues and may mirror the parent we had the most issues with growing up.  This is so that we can resolve any unfinished business we have with that parent.  When relationships or the lack thereof get really uncomfortable, and we have had at it many times throughout our life, we may learn to seek for that love eventually from a greater Source and discover the Divine from within.
 In order to experience more harmony in all your relationships we take a look at the most important relationship of all, and that is the one with yourself.  As you become more aware of why you do what you do, you will be able to forgive yourself and create a life free of inner conflict, filled with love and compassion.

Miracle Manifesting

     This morning I came across a journal I had written my wishes, dreams, aspirations and goals in 6 years ago.  It was really fun to see how many of those dreams have already come into fruition and how some of my desires even changed over the years. As I got clearer and clearer on what I wanted to create for my ideal life, I was able to tweak the end result as needed and then manifest what I would call miracles then, but every day experiences now.  I am feeling so much gratitude for the growth I have received the past 6 years, doing my own inner work and understanding the Laws of Attraction and putting them to use.  I want to pass on my experiences to you so perhaps you can even create your own daily miracles.
    A Course in Miracles states that miracles are everyone’s right and are natural.  The more I understand this concept, the easier miracles manifest in my life.
    We are all living matter, which is energy that creates a frequency.  Everything you want has a particular frequency. The only reason it is not being experienced in your physical realm is because you are not matching the frequency of it, in other words like attracts like.  Keep it that simple so you don’t spend too much time trying to figure out how these principals work.  It is through your thoughts and feelings, that you are creating a frequency.  Whether you are vibrating a negative emotion or a positive emotion, it just is.  It is not good or bad (taking off the judgment will help your process).   Judgment, itself is a frequency that will prevent you from your desired end result.  If you wonder what frequency you are vibrating, just check out what is showing up in your life.   You can’t deny the simplicity of this.  Whatever frequency you vibrate, you are consciously or unconsciously creating and attracting.  When you experience something you don’t want, let that be a reminder you are not thinking and feeling what you want, but rather what you don’t want.  At all times you have the ability to choose your thoughts and feelings.
    Everything you want, is actually just a feeling you want anyway.  For example “I want more money.”  Why do you want more money? What feeling will more money provide for you?  Here are some examples, safety, freedom, more time to do the things you want… All of these end results have a feeling attached to them.  You have the ability to feel that emotion at anytime.  Use your ‘win list’ in your “Meditate on the Go” journal to daily feel the emotions you want to create.
To keep your manifesting simple, I have broken it down into 5 steps.

1.  Get clear on the life you want.  Most people don’t know clearly what they want because they focus so much of their time, energy and thoughts on what they don’t want.  Use the “Meditate on the Go” journal and planner to do this.  Use your don’t want, do want, list to get you started thinking of what you really want.  Honor that this list will change as you get clearer and clearer.  Break it down into the different areas of your life; mainly health, relationships and money/career, the journal does this for you.   Ask “Why do I want this?  What is the feeling this something provides for me?”  Then write out the feelings.   Your what and why is very important here.  Don’t worry about the how.  Inspiration of the how will come the clearer you get on the what and why.  
2.  Use pictures to create feelings.  Find pictures you have taken of yourself or pictures from the internet or in magazines that represent what you want, as well as sayings and quotes that inspire you.   These pictures should invoke a feeling of what you want.   As you look at the pictures, breathe in the feeling to your whole body.  I use pictures in my collage section of the journal as well as my vision board on my wall that I look at and feel daily.   Feel those emotions to bring your frequency to a vibrational match to the end result you want.  Remember its the emotion that creates the vibration.
3.  Believe your dreams are possible.  If it is not something that is believable, you won’t match the frequency, and therefore it cannot come into your existence.  When I obtain something that has been on my vision board I move the picture to my ‘win album’  this is a photo album that I can slide in my accomplished goals, pictures and sayings that have come to pass.   I also use my “win list” in the “Meditate on the Go” journal to remind me of how obtainable my wishes and goals have been in the past.
4.  Act on inspiration.  As you do the above steps you will receive inspiration to act upon.  It may be to call an old friend, go somewhere, attend a seminar or class.  These bits of inspiration may come as little promptings through your thoughts or something you see or hear.  When you receive inspirations about something 3 or more times, pay attention and act upon it..
5.  Release any attachment you have to the end result.  This is the last step because so many times we think something has to happen a certain way and we don’t allow God’s handy work to fall into place.   We try  to make it happen, and block the good that can come our way.  As we learn to surrender to God’s will for us, we are surrendering to our Highest Self who is in complete alignment with these Universal laws and God.  It is a process that is allowed to happen and does not have to be so difficult to make happen.
Act upon daily inspiration and you will be amazed how quickly miracle manifesting can take place for you

My Brain Training Experience

    This morning I felt prompted to get out of bed at 5:30 to meditate.  My meditations usually consist of guided imageries using my Creative Visualization Relaxation machine (CVR). This has been a powerful tool for me that consists of blinking lights to put the brain in an alpha/theta state as well as guided imageries and sessions.  I highly recommend the CVR to train your brain for meditation.  It’s like having your own at home therapist.  Because of the CVR machine, I have been able to create clearer guided imageries on my own.  I am able to access my past and any information I need to recall,  such as finding lost items or seeing me as a child to better understand myself and my beliefs.  I also can access what my future looks like, based on the energy I am currently creating.  Most of the time I am visualizing creating my ideal life.  This is the life I have already created in my Meditate on the Go journal and planner in detail so that I can imagine it more easily.
    I have to say, I have gotten pretty good at these visualizations with my ability to bring in vivid colors, images, sounds of the environment such as the ocean, animals, a beautiful meadow, a bubbling brook that flows from the mountain to the ocean, wild flowers, a sacred altar for surrendering attachments etc.  I have even been able to bring in the scents of all of these scenes;  the salt water from the ocean, various wild flowers, grass and fresh air.  I have loved spending time in my “la la land”,  for in this space I can create anything I want.  This tool has been very powerful in speeding up my manifestations, experiencing more peace and a calmer mind and creating a life I love.  I highly recommend it.      
    By the way, I highly recommend getting your own copy of the “Meditate on the Go”  journal and day planner as well to assist you in getting clear on a life you want so you can easily create it with your mind.  I don’t go anywhere without them.  I love, love, love them!
   Recently I have been prompted to use my meditation time to go into a space of nothingness.  This has been a very interesting process.  I have discovered my brain does not like nothingness.  In fact it fights nothingness and is constantly putting thoughtless thoughts in the space.  This morning I spent 45 minutes being the observer of my very rapid thoughtless thoughts.  Every time I would have a thought I would imagine it moving out of my head into a bubble above and floating off, a trick I learned to give my brain something to do.  Ha/ha  Which also was another cool imagery in of itself.  I was quite entertained at how many thoughts I kept putting in the bubbles.  I even had to laugh at myself at the judging thoughts about me not being able to do this exercise very well and  I put those judgements in the bubbles as well.
   Some of you may be asking, “What is the purpose of this type of meditation?”  The reason I have been prompted to do this exercise is that I expressed a desire to take my meditations to a new level and this is what I was prompted to do.  I call it brain training.   It is literally teaching your brain to learn to be still, which goes against it’s whole makeup of problem solving and asking and answering questions.  As you begin these exercises, I highly recommend counting up 10 and down 10 with your inhales and exhales.  Focusing on your breathing, will at least give your brain something to do, as well as send any additional thoughts into bubbles to float away.
    There are many forms of meditation, all of which take practice.
    Again the best tools to enhance your meditations are the CVR machine as well as the “Meditate on the Go” journal and day planners.  Accessing states of meditation, alpha and theta consciousness more often throughout your day will provide you more spiritual growth than any other single practice in my opinion.
    Have fun and enjoy your meditations!  However they look, be patient with yourself. The brain is very ingrained with how it processes information and brain training takes much practice.  I would like to hear some of your results so let me know how you’re doing.


Discover what blocks you from creating your ideal life and 4 steps to create it

  Kerry came in to see me and was feeling very frustrated with her life.  She wants so much to be married, to have children, and to enjoy other aspects of life that she has not yet been able to create for herself.  She felt that even though she was taking actions, nothing was changing for her.  As we talked it came out that Kerry hasn’t created these opportunities because she holds blocks which are preventing her from doing so.  She realized that for her marriage equaled a loss of freedom, or no freedom.  Although she does desire to be married, she was also blocking it in order to preserve her sense of freedom.
   We are all like Kerry at times and want something for our lives, yet block it for reasons we may not be conscious of.  Here are 4 steps you can take in order to discover these blocks, understand why they exist, and remove them, enabling yourself to then create what they desire.
1.       Get Clear:  Begin by getting clear on the end result you are seeking.  Clarity equals power, and if we do not have a clear idea of what we want then we do not allow ourselves the power to create it.  It is essential that you get very clear on what it is you wish to create for yourself.
               The Meditate on the Go Journal  can assist you to do this
2.       Discover the Blocks: Once you can see your ideal end result as a reality, begin asking yourself these questions. 
-What negative aspects would come from achieving this ideal end result? 
-Why hasn’t it worked out for you?
-What comes up as you think about this ideal?
-This could be yours but . . . (fill in the blank)
*Kerry could see her ideal partner, but realized that in her mind marriage equaled loss of freedom.

3.       Create A Win List: As you become aware of why it is that you are blocking you dream, you can use a win list as a cognitive tool in order to help remove the obstacles and begin creating. Go to all the areas of your life and look at how what you want can bring positive results, especially in the areas where you are holding the blocks.  Write these wins down and post them where they can be easily and regularly seen.
*For Kerry we talked about the ways marriage brings freedom to life.  i.e. having a best friend to talk to all the time, getting to go on dates regularly, the financial support from two incomes, etc.

4.       Add imagination:  It is important to daydream in order to re-create your ideal end result.  Using all your senses,  create a visualization to feel the reality of what you want, see what it looks like, hear the sounds surrounding it, smell and taste the different aspects of it.  You can then recall this visualization while doing dishes, jogging, showering, or any other task that leaves your mind free to dream.  A great way to use Meditate on the Go! The Meditate on the Go journal is a great tool to help you succeed at this.

*As Kerry was describing her ideal to me I saw her pregnant and relaxed on a beautiful beach with her partner holding her.  I helped her engage all of her senses to make the visualization very real for her.
  You are now empowered to create whatever you desire!  We all have the ability to create what we want in life, but many times it takes tools to understand what is blocking us from achieving our dreams.   To learn more about this process and additional tools to use in order to have more peace, joy, and love in your life check out the schedule below to find an upcoming Awaken playshop.
  At the end of our session I had Kerry pull four angel cards to tap into her spiritual team support.  The cards were so powerful and right on track with what we had done that I copied them for her to take and post on her win board.  

The next day I received this email from Kerry:

Hi Sandra,

Thank-you so much for such an AMAZING session yesterday–I am still in AWE over those angel cards! And they are on my desk, in my journal and on my vision board! (I made more copies of them when I got home!).  I also released a lot more ‘negative’ energies this morning via the Emotion Code and I listed all the FREEDOMS I will enjoy when I am MARRIED! WOW! A lot more than I realized!  Next step is to copy them and put them on my vision board too!  Also daydreaming more…which compelled me to find this picture attached that is now on my vision board thanks to YOUR ‘vision!’
Thank-you for yesterday–I needed the reminder and “tune-up!”

Love you tons!

Kerry (the pregnant one on the beach with my HUBBY behind me experiencing FREEDOM in MARRIAGE!!!!)

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is communion to Deity. There are many forms of prayer.  I was taught at a very young age to pray in a specific religious manner.  This created a beautiful foundation of sacred communion for me where I learned to receive answers by seeking.  I was able to develop my spiritual ears in hearing messages of love about who I am.
This communion has now led me to a deeper understanding of how prayer works.  I believe we are in sacred communion all the time with Deity.  They are always listening through our thoughts and feelings.  The Universe, God, Deity, our spiritual help are always responding.  Whatever we are thinking and feeling is a prayer we are silently speaking.  These thoughts and feelings are creating vibrational frequencies that are emitting from us.  It is these vibrations that bring to us like vibrations.  Therefore, if we are continually praying to get out of pain, our focus and vibration is on pain and that is what we will continue to receive.  Not because God is punishing us by any means. We are powerful creators always creating with these vibrations and I believe God really wants us to understand this concept.  It is the laws that we have co-created with God.  That which we put out comes back to us.  These laws of attraction are always in force.   
Why aren’t my prayers answered?
As we learn how powerful we are in creating our lives, we can pray with an intention to receive that which we are putting out.  Rather than ask God to bless our lives, we can thank God for blessing our lives.  This way, we focus on the blessings we are already experiencing and this allows more blessings (like vibrations) to come in.  As we learn to feel the gratitude, our prayer increases in their strength for us.  The same holds true when we are feeling lack.  Whatever we are thinking and feeling is what is brought back to us.  This is why many of us don’t believe our prayers are being answered.  We are praying for more abundance, yet we are feeling more lack at the same time.  Your prayers are congruent with your feelings, thus creating more of that same feeling.  
When praying for more abundance, bring in the feeling of abundance right now.  It is truly a feeling you are seeking.  Allow that feeling to be present now.  Remember a time when you felt abundant before.  We all have had the feeling at some point in our lives that we are currently seeking.  At some point you have felt safe, secure and enough.  Remember that feeling, give thanks to it and feel it now as you give gratitude to the abundance you now are experiencing. 
Gregg Braden depicts this clearly in his book “The Lost Modes of Prayer.”  He tells a story of a community seeking water during the time of a drought.  The gentleman asked Gregg if he wanted to observe a prayer being answered.  So Gregg followed the man up to the top of the mountain plateau where he simply took off his shoes and planted his bare feet into the dry red soil?  The gentleman sat there with his eyes closed, face raised to the sky, with bliss on his face.  After a few minutes of doing this, he said, “ok, let’s go.”  I thought you were going to teach me the secrets of prayer.”  Gregg said. 

I did.  I put my feet in the dirt and felt it turn into mud with the water splashing down from heaven on my face.  That night, they experienced more rain than they had seen in months.  Did his prayer work?  He did hold a very strong vibration of gratitude for the rain which was not yet there.  He smelt it, he felt it, he tasted it and he saw it in his mind’s eye.  I believe he assisted in creating it.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book “Messages from Water,”  depicts this concept well.  Dr. Emoto discovered everything has a vibration or hado.  Water is one of the four elements that responds  to hado.  He took pictures of water in its freezing state and was able to get a picture of the water in its crystal form.  Dr. Emoto discovered that words or intentions had the ability to transform the water crystals dramatically.
“Humans are the only creatures that have the capacity to resonate with all other creatures and objects found in nature. We can give out energy and also receive energy in return. Our resonance has the power to affect literally everyone and everything around us. This is a double-edged sword. When people act out only on their own greed, they emit an energy that serves to destroy harmony within nature. This has led to lifestyles of mass consumption that seriously threaten our world. If people live in a constant state of love and gratitude towards themselves and all other beings, as well as to our water and our mother earth—they will resonate at a level that results in global healing. With the evolution of mankind, our consciousness has risen to such a level that we are now aware that we create our reality. It is time now for our species to make serious changes in the way we think, thus changing the frequency at which we resonate, and raising our vibrational level. Just imagine it, live it, and experience this truth within your own life. This is the essence of Hado.”

– adapted from “The Hidden Messages In Water” by Dr. Masaru Emoton
At this moment of time, Japan is experiencing major turmoil caused by a recent earthquake; tsunami and now the water at the reactors of Fukushima Nuclear Plants have started to leak, and are contaminating the ocean and air
What can we do?  We can pray.  We can hold the vibration of health and healing.  We can send love to the water.  Imagine the water as pure and clean flowing back into the ocean. Imagine it being so clear, clean and oxygenated that you can swim in it.  Immerse your body in the refreshing pool of water, open your eyes and feel the healing power of the water surge through the cells of your body.  Feel its tingling power give you a surge of love and energy and thank it for its healing powers. 
The power of prayer cannot be underestimated.  Here is a before and after picture Dr. Emoto took of contaminated water crystals and the same water after he blessed the water. 


 Our earth consists of 70% water ; what vibration do we send that water on a daily basis?  Our bodies also consist of 70% water.  What frequency do we resonate at and how is it affecting the water in our bodies?  This water is feeding your cells and vital organs that keep your body alive.  What messages do you send the water supplying your body?

What is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity, as defined by Wikipedia, is when two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated occur together in a meaningful manner. To count as synchronicity, the events should be unlikely to occur together by chance.
Synchronicity occurs frequently in my life.  Because I choose to live intentionally each day, (my Meditate on the Go Journal helps me do that) those things I think and feel come to me without a lot of effort.  Actually this is true for everyone.  It has been called the Laws of Attraction.  Whatever you are thinking and feeling is creating a frequency that causes you to vibrate.  Like frequencies are attracted just like magnets.  It is happening all the time whether you believe it or not.  Many times it happens to our detriment because most of what we think and feel is negative.  Worry and fear about lack for example, will bring more lack.  However the fact you are on this website tells me you are vibrating something within you that is seeking the information I have to impart.  It is always my intention that as I learn, I impart the information freely to others. Last night I was flying home from Tennessee with my husband after a gift show, where we were exhibiting his invention.  (Check out to see his product.
My 19 year old son, Cameron, is serving a mission for the LDS church.  For those of you who don’t know, this is where he gives up 2 years of his life to serve and teach others about Jesus Christ and the LDS church. (You may have seen missionaries in your area, young men in suits and ties on bicycles or by foot teaching others).   At the age of 19, this is an amazing sacrifice.  He has no contact with us, his family except through email and letters.  I’m very proud of him for making this decision to serve.
Anyway, his mission started 2 months ago.  He has been in the Missionary Training Center learning Spanish since he will serve in Chile.  Last night he was en-route to Chile and had a layover in the Dallas airport.  The exact same time our layover from Tennessee to Salt Lake City occurred!  He had emailed me his departure times, when I realized we would be in the Dallas airport at the same time.  I went on line to find out which airline flew out at the times he mentioned.  Low and behold it was our same airlines.  I had the opportunity of spending 30 minutes with him last night!  I couldn’t stop touching him.. Amazing, the power of synchronicity.  I am grateful for it every day!
I believe it happened with my son and me because I think of him often, and he thinks of us, his family often.  We landed at the airport in another state on Sunday night at 7:30 pm for thirty minutes at the same time.  Two events, that are not likely to occur by chance at the same time, occur in a meaningful manner, synchronicity.  I also believe my spiritual help had a lot to do with orchestrating the event.  My mommy heart is full of gratitude for the experience, since it will be September of 2012 before I see him again.  As you can see by my red nose, I express a lot of emotion. 🙂

Receiving Answers

I have often wondered about why things happen and what my role in them is. I see myself in situations where people I love walk away stronger, better, healthier, and I am left behind! If I could figure out why or what I am supposed to learn, it might not hurt so much.

Dear Cathy:
Many times in situations you feel left behind, it is because of the judgment you are placing on the situation and yourself. The feelings of inadequacy and the lack you feel within is creating blocks from feeling love and comfort. Here are a few tips to try in these scenarios.

1. Remember, You are a spiritual being having human experiences. This means you are Infinite, Divine, Love and loved. You are on this planet experiencing up’s and down’s, pain and contrast to love. Why? For the journey of it. You are choosing and have chosen these experiences to give you more knowledge, understanding, compassion and insight about who you really are without these patterns. How could you know peace without pain, happiness without sorrow, joy without sadness. All of these emotions are part of being human.

2. The reason we choose this humanness is what I call “The Message of Love” which states that coming from a place of all knowing unconditional love, you chose these experiences and people in your life because you knew what a blessing they could could be in the end. The blessing of knowledge and experience you gain is too valuable to ever put a price on it.

3. Instead of “Why me?” ask “What Can I learn from this?” This question will give you more insight about the present situation and what information you wanted to gain from the experience, from your Divine space. Quiet your mind, Ask the question, then write whatever words, impressions or feelings come to you in your journal. If you are experiencing blocks to receiving answers download the 11 part audio, “Strengthening Your Intuitive Muscle” this has many exercises recorded from the live training, Intuitive Living, to remove spiritual blocks.

4. Whatever you become attached to on this planet, whether it be another person or an object, you will need to let go for your own personal spiritual growth. Attachment creates blocks to your Divine Self. When you are attached, you become needy and desperate on expectations that if not met, will create pain. This blocks your spiritual growth and at some point in your life, you will have the opportunity to let go of anything that creates attachment.

HINT: If the Universe is calling you to detach from someone or something, bless it, release it and move on. Here is a great statement I use. “I release you on your journey as I go on mine, thank you for the learning I received.”

5. Reframe needs or attachments to preferences. A preference is a way of being that releases addictions from controlling you. “I prefer this outcome rather than need it. As a result, you will experience more peace, joy and love as every day experiences. That is what we came here to learn..
Congratulations Cathy for being bravely on your path and helping our readers..