Miracle Manifesting

     This morning I came across a journal I had written my wishes, dreams, aspirations and goals in 6 years ago.  It was really fun to see how many of those dreams have already come into fruition and how some of my desires even changed over the years. As I got clearer and clearer on what I wanted to create for my ideal life, I was able to tweak the end result as needed and then manifest what I would call miracles then, but every day experiences now.  I am feeling so much gratitude for the growth I have received the past 6 years, doing my own inner work and understanding the Laws of Attraction and putting them to use.  I want to pass on my experiences to you so perhaps you can even create your own daily miracles.
    A Course in Miracles states that miracles are everyone’s right and are natural.  The more I understand this concept, the easier miracles manifest in my life.
    We are all living matter, which is energy that creates a frequency.  Everything you want has a particular frequency. The only reason it is not being experienced in your physical realm is because you are not matching the frequency of it, in other words like attracts like.  Keep it that simple so you don’t spend too much time trying to figure out how these principals work.  It is through your thoughts and feelings, that you are creating a frequency.  Whether you are vibrating a negative emotion or a positive emotion, it just is.  It is not good or bad (taking off the judgment will help your process).   Judgment, itself is a frequency that will prevent you from your desired end result.  If you wonder what frequency you are vibrating, just check out what is showing up in your life.   You can’t deny the simplicity of this.  Whatever frequency you vibrate, you are consciously or unconsciously creating and attracting.  When you experience something you don’t want, let that be a reminder you are not thinking and feeling what you want, but rather what you don’t want.  At all times you have the ability to choose your thoughts and feelings.
    Everything you want, is actually just a feeling you want anyway.  For example “I want more money.”  Why do you want more money? What feeling will more money provide for you?  Here are some examples, safety, freedom, more time to do the things you want… All of these end results have a feeling attached to them.  You have the ability to feel that emotion at anytime.  Use your ‘win list’ in your “Meditate on the Go” journal to daily feel the emotions you want to create.
To keep your manifesting simple, I have broken it down into 5 steps.

1.  Get clear on the life you want.  Most people don’t know clearly what they want because they focus so much of their time, energy and thoughts on what they don’t want.  Use the “Meditate on the Go” journal and planner to do this.  Use your don’t want, do want, list to get you started thinking of what you really want.  Honor that this list will change as you get clearer and clearer.  Break it down into the different areas of your life; mainly health, relationships and money/career, the journal does this for you.   Ask “Why do I want this?  What is the feeling this something provides for me?”  Then write out the feelings.   Your what and why is very important here.  Don’t worry about the how.  Inspiration of the how will come the clearer you get on the what and why.  
2.  Use pictures to create feelings.  Find pictures you have taken of yourself or pictures from the internet or in magazines that represent what you want, as well as sayings and quotes that inspire you.   These pictures should invoke a feeling of what you want.   As you look at the pictures, breathe in the feeling to your whole body.  I use pictures in my collage section of the journal as well as my vision board on my wall that I look at and feel daily.   Feel those emotions to bring your frequency to a vibrational match to the end result you want.  Remember its the emotion that creates the vibration.
3.  Believe your dreams are possible.  If it is not something that is believable, you won’t match the frequency, and therefore it cannot come into your existence.  When I obtain something that has been on my vision board I move the picture to my ‘win album’  this is a photo album that I can slide in my accomplished goals, pictures and sayings that have come to pass.   I also use my “win list” in the “Meditate on the Go” journal to remind me of how obtainable my wishes and goals have been in the past.
4.  Act on inspiration.  As you do the above steps you will receive inspiration to act upon.  It may be to call an old friend, go somewhere, attend a seminar or class.  These bits of inspiration may come as little promptings through your thoughts or something you see or hear.  When you receive inspirations about something 3 or more times, pay attention and act upon it..
5.  Release any attachment you have to the end result.  This is the last step because so many times we think something has to happen a certain way and we don’t allow God’s handy work to fall into place.   We try  to make it happen, and block the good that can come our way.  As we learn to surrender to God’s will for us, we are surrendering to our Highest Self who is in complete alignment with these Universal laws and God.  It is a process that is allowed to happen and does not have to be so difficult to make happen.
Act upon daily inspiration and you will be amazed how quickly miracle manifesting can take place for you

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