Your 12 Energy Centers called Chakras

Our Human Energy System
A Chakra is a vortex of energy that regulates and maintains our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.  The word means “wheel of light” in Sanskrit.  They serve as revolving doorways or portals between our mind, body and soul.  They connect us to the multi dimensional universe.  They take in and process higher vibrational energy so that we may assimilate it for the physical body. 
We have major and minor chakras.  The major chakras regulate our most major functions in the body and the minor chakras regulate more minor functions.  There are twelve major chakras, seven, which are in the physical body.  The other five chakras are out of our physical bodies but are still associated part of our physical existence.   They have a front and back side to them and create literal vortex’s of energy moving through our body.
Chakras are recording centers.  They record life events in them similar to brain cells.  They record past life -time encounters as well as present lifetime situations.  They record the negative as well as the positive.  This is where we also hold DNA patterns from ancestors.  This can be problematic when we are storing information from the DNA that is not actually are own experiences. 
We can communicate with each chakra to discover blocks, imbalances and information stored here. 

Each chakra is like a revolving door of giving and receiving.  It has a male and female aspect.  The Yin (female) aspect of the chakra receives information and its effects on our self and the yang or energy output and its effects on the outer world. 

1st chakra  root- grounds you to earth and physical survival  “I have”
womb to 6 mo. developed
2nd chakra  sacral- releases innate creativity and pleasure  “I feel/want”
developed 6 mo.–2 yrs.
3rd chakra  solar plexus – vitality and will, personal power “I can”
2 ½ – 3 ½
4th chakra heart – bridges physical and spiritual, love compassion and empathy “I love” 4 ½ -6 ½
5th chakra throat- inspires you to speak and listen in spirit and truth “I speak and listen” 6 ½ -8 ½
6th chakra third eye – gives you vision beyond sight past present and future “I see”
8 ½ -14 yrs
7th chakra crown – pure thought, infinite consciousness, spiritual wisdom
14-21 yrs
8th chakra – Book of life.  Akashic records
21-28 yrs
9th chakra – Life purpose, family programs can run here.  Miracles Manifest
28-35 yrs.
10th chakra – expressed feelings of self, spiritual into physical. Relates to groundings
preconception and conception.  Reactivated 35-42 yrs
11th chakra – pink energy around hands and feet. Transmutes energy external.
12th chakra – point in the center of the earth and surrounds body connects to 32 secondary chakras

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