Relationships, Our Greatest Teachers

Relationships, Our Greatest Teachers
Why are relationships our greatest teachers?  Every relationship you are experiencing in your life has meaning.  Each has a specific purpose as your teacher if you allow them.   Family, friends, co-workers, spouses and children have a message for you, learning for you about you. 
These individuals you are in relationship with are not necessarily here to teach you what they know and think you need to know, but rather they are in your life as a mirror of your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  They provide you a space to learn about yourself through their presence in your life and how you interact and react to them.   You learn most from these individuals by how you feel about this person and about yourself while in this person’s presence. 
The relationships in your life that cause the greatest turmoil, frustration and anxiety will teach you the most about yourself if you will allow them.  Pay attention to those people in your life that perturb you the most.  Be open to dig deeper to the traits about them that create anxiety, frustration or feelings of lack, within you. 
Seeking Love
Imagine what your life would look like if all of your relationships had a foundation of harmony and love?  Where there was never a need to defend or prove you to anyone?  What if you had no ill will toward any persons, and understood that all your relationships have a spiritual purpose in your life, the negative as well as the positive?
We go through our young lives looking for love, approval and acceptance from our parents as young children and then turn to friends or social groups as teenagers looking for that love and acceptance from friends and abandoning our families sometimes through rebellion. “I don’t need you,” attitude.  “I’ll show you.” Then we marry someone looking to fulfill that emptiness or need to be loved. However our subconscious mind assists us in choosing someone who triggers our most core issues and may mirror the parent we had the most issues with growing up.  This is so that we can resolve any unfinished business we have with that parent.  When relationships or the lack thereof get really uncomfortable, and we have had at it many times throughout our life, we may learn to seek for that love eventually from a greater Source and discover the Divine from within.
 In order to experience more harmony in all your relationships we take a look at the most important relationship of all, and that is the one with yourself.  As you become more aware of why you do what you do, you will be able to forgive yourself and create a life free of inner conflict, filled with love and compassion.

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