We are all energy. Einstein discovered in the 1920’s that we are all energy, even humans.  Like us, the Earth is enlivened by this energy life force. As the Earth was being created, life energy was infused into the planet’s crystalline matrices. Thus, the Earth’s gemstones came to embody and express the life force within the planet.

Gemstones radiate their life force with great power, just as we can when our energy is in alignment. When used properly gem stones can bring light into areas of darkness and neutralize blockages within your energy. As these blockages dissolve, the light of the life force can once again shine through to enliven, nourish, and heal you. Each type of gemstone expresses a different frequency; therefore, it can address a different kind of blockage.

When gemstones are around your neck, their energies can radiate into your entire subtle-energy field, or aura. Your aura is an energetic reflection of your physical body and inner aspects. As a gemstone’s energy fills your aura, it is able to energize your aura as well as your chakras, or energy centers, where it can work directly on dissolving blockages.

Below is a list of gemstones and some of the healing energy they carry.  As you read some of their healing properties, you will find stones that you are attracted to or that resonate with you that will aid you in your path of healing.

List coming soon…

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