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Because of our unique process that targets limiting beliefs in your very first session as well as Rapid Eye Technology, healing can take place at a very rapid rate.  Rapid Eye Technology (RET)* is a form of energy medicine that simulates REM sleep or rapid eye movement, except you are conscious and awake.  It has the ability to release trapped trauma and stress at a cellular level.  Any issue that causes stress can be released and the body and mind retrained to respond differently.  Rapid blinking in a RET session puts you in a state of balance which allows anything out of balance to release.

At the leading edge of personal growth today, RET is a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of emotional stress. RET is currently sweeping the nation as a faster, less painful way of reaching and releasing the following:

  • Abuse of all kinds
  • Addictions of all kinds
  • Depression, Anger and Grief
  • Family and Relationship Patterns

Basically any issue that causes stress can be released and the body retrained and the mind educated to think and react differently through the RET process and Skills for Life. RET consists of essentially two parts:

  1. Identify and release the stress-causing factors on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level through the structured movement and blinking of the eyes (RET).
  2. Learn and apply new skills for life on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to create what we would rather experience in life

The purpose of Life Skills classes is to help participants identify nonproductive beliefs and become aware of the power they have within themselves to change the circumstances of their lives.  Life Skills classes facilitate new living skills so participants may create experiences which take each person into new productive patterns.  Slipping back into old patterns is less likely if you build new paths for your thoughts to follow.

Life Skills are the knowledgeable application of natural laws, or principles, which govern human development.  The format of the classes is to teach what we call our seven principles of universal truth.

Topics covered are:


Thought is at the beginning of all creation and we create our own thoughts!  We are free to think anything we want.  The intent of thought is the primary mover of all creation.  Change your thinking and you will change your life.  Energy follows thought, matter follows energy.


Perception is how we understand our world based upon our experience and is filtered through our judgments.  It is so for everyone, each person lives in a world of his/her own perceptual creation.  Most emotions stem from our perceptions.  Comprehension of this principle dissolves conflict into understanding.

Choice & Accountability

We can choose how we feel about our experiences.   The universe is always accountable to respond abundantly to our choices, giving us experience according to our choice.  Choosing suggests the ability to choose again.  You can choose to perceive differently and thus change your life experiences.  Because of the responsibility the universe has to us, we are bound to the consequences of our choices.  When we choose again how we feel about life, we change the consequence the universe delivers to us.  Choice and accountability, as a unit, equates to the development of personal empowerment.

Cause & Effect

Our thoughts create our reality and return to us multiplied.  They offer an opportunity for change.  Because energy follows thought and matter follows energy, negative experiences will follow negative perceptions.  Recognizing how this principle works helps us reclaim our power, changing cause (our thinking) and effect (our experience)

Abundance & Gratitude

Abundance means plenty, sufficient, overflowing-abundance is manifestation of thought.  The universe can provide us whatever we want in abundance.  What we feed will grow.  Gratitude gives us the power to change the form our abundance takes.  Gratitude completes the circuit of energy.

Health & Healing

Health and healing is the process of becoming and maintaining a state of wholeness.  We are responsible for our own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.  As we incorporate all of these principles, we understand what we require in order to enjoy this state of wholeness to its fullest.

Rhythm & Harmony

All the universal laws or principles work together in complete harmony.  All life exists in a one-song of rhythm presenting a musical vibration that creates perfect balance such as one might find in a symphony orchestra.  It is our essential nature to flow with the universe, to be “at-one-ment.”  We are an integral part of life, and moving with that flow, we awaken to the potential which exists within us.

* Disclaimer
Rapid Eye Technology is intended to complement rather than substitute for proper medical or psychological care. RET techniques and processes are tools for personal growth and as such are not intended for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical or psychological condition. If you are suffering from a medical or psychological condition of any kind seek out the advice of a qualified and licensed medical or psychological professional.

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