My Brain Training Experience

    This morning I felt prompted to get out of bed at 5:30 to meditate.  My meditations usually consist of guided imageries using my Creative Visualization Relaxation machine (CVR). This has been a powerful tool for me that consists of blinking lights to put the brain in an alpha/theta state as well as guided imageries and sessions.  I highly recommend the CVR to train your brain for meditation.  It’s like having your own at home therapist.  Because of the CVR machine, I have been able to create clearer guided imageries on my own.  I am able to access my past and any information I need to recall,  such as finding lost items or seeing me as a child to better understand myself and my beliefs.  I also can access what my future looks like, based on the energy I am currently creating.  Most of the time I am visualizing creating my ideal life.  This is the life I have already created in my Meditate on the Go journal and planner in detail so that I can imagine it more easily.
    I have to say, I have gotten pretty good at these visualizations with my ability to bring in vivid colors, images, sounds of the environment such as the ocean, animals, a beautiful meadow, a bubbling brook that flows from the mountain to the ocean, wild flowers, a sacred altar for surrendering attachments etc.  I have even been able to bring in the scents of all of these scenes;  the salt water from the ocean, various wild flowers, grass and fresh air.  I have loved spending time in my “la la land”,  for in this space I can create anything I want.  This tool has been very powerful in speeding up my manifestations, experiencing more peace and a calmer mind and creating a life I love.  I highly recommend it.      
    By the way, I highly recommend getting your own copy of the “Meditate on the Go”  journal and day planner as well to assist you in getting clear on a life you want so you can easily create it with your mind.  I don’t go anywhere without them.  I love, love, love them!
   Recently I have been prompted to use my meditation time to go into a space of nothingness.  This has been a very interesting process.  I have discovered my brain does not like nothingness.  In fact it fights nothingness and is constantly putting thoughtless thoughts in the space.  This morning I spent 45 minutes being the observer of my very rapid thoughtless thoughts.  Every time I would have a thought I would imagine it moving out of my head into a bubble above and floating off, a trick I learned to give my brain something to do.  Ha/ha  Which also was another cool imagery in of itself.  I was quite entertained at how many thoughts I kept putting in the bubbles.  I even had to laugh at myself at the judging thoughts about me not being able to do this exercise very well and  I put those judgements in the bubbles as well.
   Some of you may be asking, “What is the purpose of this type of meditation?”  The reason I have been prompted to do this exercise is that I expressed a desire to take my meditations to a new level and this is what I was prompted to do.  I call it brain training.   It is literally teaching your brain to learn to be still, which goes against it’s whole makeup of problem solving and asking and answering questions.  As you begin these exercises, I highly recommend counting up 10 and down 10 with your inhales and exhales.  Focusing on your breathing, will at least give your brain something to do, as well as send any additional thoughts into bubbles to float away.
    There are many forms of meditation, all of which take practice.
    Again the best tools to enhance your meditations are the CVR machine as well as the “Meditate on the Go” journal and day planners.  Accessing states of meditation, alpha and theta consciousness more often throughout your day will provide you more spiritual growth than any other single practice in my opinion.
    Have fun and enjoy your meditations!  However they look, be patient with yourself. The brain is very ingrained with how it processes information and brain training takes much practice.  I would like to hear some of your results so let me know how you’re doing.


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2 Responses to My Brain Training Experience

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sandra, would you please clarify something for me about the nothingness meditating? Since the part about sending “any ADDITIONAL thought bubbles to float away” was written at the END of the paragraph, I’m not sure if we’re supposed to do the counting, inhaling and exhaling ALL THE WAY THROUGH the meditating, or when we’re JUST LEARNING to do it, or always at the END of the meditating. Hope that makes sense. Thanks! Christy

  2. Thanks Christy,
    Great question! The breathing and counting exercises are to train your brain to focus on one thing rather than jumping all over the place. As you get good at that exercise, I recommend beginning to practice nothingness. You could begin your meditations with the deep breathing and counting and then towards the end start moving to nothingness. This will strengthen your abilities to train your brain. Then there will be a time you can even do 15 minutes of nothingness. This is where miracles take place.
    Happy nothingness!