Discover what blocks you from creating your ideal life and 4 steps to create it

  Kerry came in to see me and was feeling very frustrated with her life.  She wants so much to be married, to have children, and to enjoy other aspects of life that she has not yet been able to create for herself.  She felt that even though she was taking actions, nothing was changing for her.  As we talked it came out that Kerry hasn’t created these opportunities because she holds blocks which are preventing her from doing so.  She realized that for her marriage equaled a loss of freedom, or no freedom.  Although she does desire to be married, she was also blocking it in order to preserve her sense of freedom.
   We are all like Kerry at times and want something for our lives, yet block it for reasons we may not be conscious of.  Here are 4 steps you can take in order to discover these blocks, understand why they exist, and remove them, enabling yourself to then create what they desire.
1.       Get Clear:  Begin by getting clear on the end result you are seeking.  Clarity equals power, and if we do not have a clear idea of what we want then we do not allow ourselves the power to create it.  It is essential that you get very clear on what it is you wish to create for yourself.
               The Meditate on the Go Journal  can assist you to do this
2.       Discover the Blocks: Once you can see your ideal end result as a reality, begin asking yourself these questions. 
-What negative aspects would come from achieving this ideal end result? 
-Why hasn’t it worked out for you?
-What comes up as you think about this ideal?
-This could be yours but . . . (fill in the blank)
*Kerry could see her ideal partner, but realized that in her mind marriage equaled loss of freedom.

3.       Create A Win List: As you become aware of why it is that you are blocking you dream, you can use a win list as a cognitive tool in order to help remove the obstacles and begin creating. Go to all the areas of your life and look at how what you want can bring positive results, especially in the areas where you are holding the blocks.  Write these wins down and post them where they can be easily and regularly seen.
*For Kerry we talked about the ways marriage brings freedom to life.  i.e. having a best friend to talk to all the time, getting to go on dates regularly, the financial support from two incomes, etc.

4.       Add imagination:  It is important to daydream in order to re-create your ideal end result.  Using all your senses,  create a visualization to feel the reality of what you want, see what it looks like, hear the sounds surrounding it, smell and taste the different aspects of it.  You can then recall this visualization while doing dishes, jogging, showering, or any other task that leaves your mind free to dream.  A great way to use Meditate on the Go! The Meditate on the Go journal is a great tool to help you succeed at this.

*As Kerry was describing her ideal to me I saw her pregnant and relaxed on a beautiful beach with her partner holding her.  I helped her engage all of her senses to make the visualization very real for her.
  You are now empowered to create whatever you desire!  We all have the ability to create what we want in life, but many times it takes tools to understand what is blocking us from achieving our dreams.   To learn more about this process and additional tools to use in order to have more peace, joy, and love in your life check out the schedule below to find an upcoming Awaken playshop.
  At the end of our session I had Kerry pull four angel cards to tap into her spiritual team support.  The cards were so powerful and right on track with what we had done that I copied them for her to take and post on her win board.  

The next day I received this email from Kerry:

Hi Sandra,

Thank-you so much for such an AMAZING session yesterday–I am still in AWE over those angel cards! And they are on my desk, in my journal and on my vision board! (I made more copies of them when I got home!).  I also released a lot more ‘negative’ energies this morning via the Emotion Code and I listed all the FREEDOMS I will enjoy when I am MARRIED! WOW! A lot more than I realized!  Next step is to copy them and put them on my vision board too!  Also daydreaming more…which compelled me to find this picture attached that is now on my vision board thanks to YOUR ‘vision!’
Thank-you for yesterday–I needed the reminder and “tune-up!”

Love you tons!

Kerry (the pregnant one on the beach with my HUBBY behind me experiencing FREEDOM in MARRIAGE!!!!)

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