The Power of Prayer

Prayer is communion to Deity. There are many forms of prayer.  I was taught at a very young age to pray in a specific religious manner.  This created a beautiful foundation of sacred communion for me where I learned to receive answers by seeking.  I was able to develop my spiritual ears in hearing messages of love about who I am.
This communion has now led me to a deeper understanding of how prayer works.  I believe we are in sacred communion all the time with Deity.  They are always listening through our thoughts and feelings.  The Universe, God, Deity, our spiritual help are always responding.  Whatever we are thinking and feeling is a prayer we are silently speaking.  These thoughts and feelings are creating vibrational frequencies that are emitting from us.  It is these vibrations that bring to us like vibrations.  Therefore, if we are continually praying to get out of pain, our focus and vibration is on pain and that is what we will continue to receive.  Not because God is punishing us by any means. We are powerful creators always creating with these vibrations and I believe God really wants us to understand this concept.  It is the laws that we have co-created with God.  That which we put out comes back to us.  These laws of attraction are always in force.   
Why aren’t my prayers answered?
As we learn how powerful we are in creating our lives, we can pray with an intention to receive that which we are putting out.  Rather than ask God to bless our lives, we can thank God for blessing our lives.  This way, we focus on the blessings we are already experiencing and this allows more blessings (like vibrations) to come in.  As we learn to feel the gratitude, our prayer increases in their strength for us.  The same holds true when we are feeling lack.  Whatever we are thinking and feeling is what is brought back to us.  This is why many of us don’t believe our prayers are being answered.  We are praying for more abundance, yet we are feeling more lack at the same time.  Your prayers are congruent with your feelings, thus creating more of that same feeling.  
When praying for more abundance, bring in the feeling of abundance right now.  It is truly a feeling you are seeking.  Allow that feeling to be present now.  Remember a time when you felt abundant before.  We all have had the feeling at some point in our lives that we are currently seeking.  At some point you have felt safe, secure and enough.  Remember that feeling, give thanks to it and feel it now as you give gratitude to the abundance you now are experiencing. 
Gregg Braden depicts this clearly in his book “The Lost Modes of Prayer.”  He tells a story of a community seeking water during the time of a drought.  The gentleman asked Gregg if he wanted to observe a prayer being answered.  So Gregg followed the man up to the top of the mountain plateau where he simply took off his shoes and planted his bare feet into the dry red soil?  The gentleman sat there with his eyes closed, face raised to the sky, with bliss on his face.  After a few minutes of doing this, he said, “ok, let’s go.”  I thought you were going to teach me the secrets of prayer.”  Gregg said. 

I did.  I put my feet in the dirt and felt it turn into mud with the water splashing down from heaven on my face.  That night, they experienced more rain than they had seen in months.  Did his prayer work?  He did hold a very strong vibration of gratitude for the rain which was not yet there.  He smelt it, he felt it, he tasted it and he saw it in his mind’s eye.  I believe he assisted in creating it.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book “Messages from Water,”  depicts this concept well.  Dr. Emoto discovered everything has a vibration or hado.  Water is one of the four elements that responds  to hado.  He took pictures of water in its freezing state and was able to get a picture of the water in its crystal form.  Dr. Emoto discovered that words or intentions had the ability to transform the water crystals dramatically.
“Humans are the only creatures that have the capacity to resonate with all other creatures and objects found in nature. We can give out energy and also receive energy in return. Our resonance has the power to affect literally everyone and everything around us. This is a double-edged sword. When people act out only on their own greed, they emit an energy that serves to destroy harmony within nature. This has led to lifestyles of mass consumption that seriously threaten our world. If people live in a constant state of love and gratitude towards themselves and all other beings, as well as to our water and our mother earth—they will resonate at a level that results in global healing. With the evolution of mankind, our consciousness has risen to such a level that we are now aware that we create our reality. It is time now for our species to make serious changes in the way we think, thus changing the frequency at which we resonate, and raising our vibrational level. Just imagine it, live it, and experience this truth within your own life. This is the essence of Hado.”

– adapted from “The Hidden Messages In Water” by Dr. Masaru Emoton
At this moment of time, Japan is experiencing major turmoil caused by a recent earthquake; tsunami and now the water at the reactors of Fukushima Nuclear Plants have started to leak, and are contaminating the ocean and air
What can we do?  We can pray.  We can hold the vibration of health and healing.  We can send love to the water.  Imagine the water as pure and clean flowing back into the ocean. Imagine it being so clear, clean and oxygenated that you can swim in it.  Immerse your body in the refreshing pool of water, open your eyes and feel the healing power of the water surge through the cells of your body.  Feel its tingling power give you a surge of love and energy and thank it for its healing powers. 
The power of prayer cannot be underestimated.  Here is a before and after picture Dr. Emoto took of contaminated water crystals and the same water after he blessed the water. 


 Our earth consists of 70% water ; what vibration do we send that water on a daily basis?  Our bodies also consist of 70% water.  What frequency do we resonate at and how is it affecting the water in our bodies?  This water is feeding your cells and vital organs that keep your body alive.  What messages do you send the water supplying your body?
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