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I have often wondered about why things happen and what my role in them is. I see myself in situations where people I love walk away stronger, better, healthier, and I am left behind! If I could figure out why or what I am supposed to learn, it might not hurt so much.

Dear Cathy:
Many times in situations you feel left behind, it is because of the judgment you are placing on the situation and yourself. The feelings of inadequacy and the lack you feel within is creating blocks from feeling love and comfort. Here are a few tips to try in these scenarios.

1. Remember, You are a spiritual being having human experiences. This means you are Infinite, Divine, Love and loved. You are on this planet experiencing up’s and down’s, pain and contrast to love. Why? For the journey of it. You are choosing and have chosen these experiences to give you more knowledge, understanding, compassion and insight about who you really are without these patterns. How could you know peace without pain, happiness without sorrow, joy without sadness. All of these emotions are part of being human.

2. The reason we choose this humanness is what I call “The Message of Love” which states that coming from a place of all knowing unconditional love, you chose these experiences and people in your life because you knew what a blessing they could could be in the end. The blessing of knowledge and experience you gain is too valuable to ever put a price on it.

3. Instead of “Why me?” ask “What Can I learn from this?” This question will give you more insight about the present situation and what information you wanted to gain from the experience, from your Divine space. Quiet your mind, Ask the question, then write whatever words, impressions or feelings come to you in your journal. If you are experiencing blocks to receiving answers download the 11 part audio, “Strengthening Your Intuitive Muscle” this has many exercises recorded from the live training, Intuitive Living, to remove spiritual blocks.

4. Whatever you become attached to on this planet, whether it be another person or an object, you will need to let go for your own personal spiritual growth. Attachment creates blocks to your Divine Self. When you are attached, you become needy and desperate on expectations that if not met, will create pain. This blocks your spiritual growth and at some point in your life, you will have the opportunity to let go of anything that creates attachment.

HINT: If the Universe is calling you to detach from someone or something, bless it, release it and move on. Here is a great statement I use. “I release you on your journey as I go on mine, thank you for the learning I received.”

5. Reframe needs or attachments to preferences. A preference is a way of being that releases addictions from controlling you. “I prefer this outcome rather than need it. As a result, you will experience more peace, joy and love as every day experiences. That is what we came here to learn..
Congratulations Cathy for being bravely on your path and helping our readers..

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