When Heaven seem silent

Many times prayers are not answered in the way we think they should be. Sometimes when life is painful, the heavens seem silent.

I remember feeling this during a particular time in my life when I was changing careers. I had received an answer to a prayer to pursue a particular business that in the end was not profitable.

I had partnered up with another individual doing consulting, leadership training and human development for businesses. We had been going door to door consulting with companies giving them bids for our trainings and coaching. We called our company, Momentum Leadership. We did several trainings throughout this four month period, but not enough to sustain an income for both of us. It was causing a lot of turmoil in my marriage. My husband said we could not afford me being away from home so much and not making a steady income. At that time, Momentum Leadership had a large bid out to provide a substantial amount of training and I said to God, if we don’t get this contract, I have no choice but to stop doing this business that I had originally felt I inspired to do. When the contract did not come in, I was devastated. I was angry with God. “Why did you lead me down this path if in the end, I could not continue it due to lack of funds? Why did I trust? Do I not receive answers like I thought I did? Where did the answer to start Momentum Leadership come from in the first place? Was it not you? Was I deceived? Why is this happening?”

I was on the floor bawling, wondering if every other prayer that had been answered was also a fluke? Was God even real? I questioned all my beliefs and spiritual experiences. I went to bed emotionally drained, frustrated and not wanting to hear an answer ever again for the fear of being deceived. About 30 min. later Margie, a dear friend called me and said “I was just saying my prayers before going to bed and had a strong impression to call you and let you know God is aware of you and loves you. I don’t know why but maybe you need to hear it.” Sniffling, I told Margie of my experience of having to quit the business I loved and had felt inspired to start. She responded that although we don’t have complete understanding of why things happen, there is a reason and lessons can always be learned from the experience. From our view point, we can’t see the whole picture but more will be revealed as we continue to put our trust in God.

It was because of Momentum Leadership that I gained clarity in wanting to serve in the self-help field. I gained confidence doing trainings for businesses and saw the break-through individuals received as a result of our consulting. It was soon after that, that I began offering trainings in my home to small groups of individuals looking for personal development. I started seeing clients one on one offering “personal empowerment sessions” charging $30.00 an hour. I began attending more alternative healing modality trainings, learning about emotional pain and how to heal it. I became passionate on my journey and read every text I could get my hands on concerning the topic. Although fear overcame me many times and my career took many detours so that I could bring in enough money to sustain, I eventually became full time seeing clients and teaching. 9 years later, here I am, training others to do what I am most passionate about. AND NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY…

When the heavens seem silent or answers to prayers aren’t what you thought was the ideal end result. Be patient, trust, watch and listen. There is more information to come for you that will be for your higher good.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sandra: I enjoyed your email yesterday about getting answers to prayers. I am at a transitional place now and am definitely seeking answers through prayer. I keep trying to apply the law of attraction, Prayer, Faith etc., and I just know that the next day is going to bring the changes etc., that I desire, but it’s not happening! What am I doing wrong OR better yet, what more can I do? I feel like I have put forth more energy and positive “feelings” than anyone I know, but nothing is changing and others seem to move forward without any effort. I wonder if I had more money, more classes, more faith, but that’s not fair because I know that what I know is enough to get started and that my faith is strong – stronger than some others even. So where am I going wrong? -Julie, Washington