Dreams are an amazing tool many of us don’t use. Your dreams are a reflection of your inner and outer world. They represent your thoughts and feelings on what you believe and how you act. Even though they may seem ludicrous and far- fetched, there is meaning behind them.They are a great measuring tool to check into subconscious beliefs you are operating from.

Dreams help you understand fears in life so you can better face them and move through them. They can also help you focus on your wins. The wins in your dream are telling you of what your subconscious believes is possible.

As you fall asleep at night set an intention to remember your dreams.

Your subconscious is the key to healing beliefs. Many beliefs you aren’t even aware of. However, they will show up in your dreams. Pay Attention! Fears, nightmares, running from someone or something are all key elements of what needs attention in your life. When you are able to consciously look at what they represent, you have the ability to address the beliefs they relate to.

For example, when I get overwhelmed, I have dreams where I’m in my old career as a hairdresser/esthetician, I have clients lined up out the door and I know it’s going to be all day before I can get to them. I have one in the chair processing, while another is in the middle of a haircut and I’m waxing eyebrows on even another. I am hurrying as fast as I can, I’m noticing the long line as I rip the wax off and I take off half her eyebrow! SCARY huh! Okay, so let’s analyze.

These dreams occur when I am very busy trying to balance work life, writing a book, planning courses, educating myself, updating web information, taking care of a home, and being mom and wife. When my life is not balanced, my night dreams are not balanced and I am in overload in the dream.

The solution: Designate my time, use my planner to make lists and check them off as I do them so the chaos doesn’t remain in my head when I fall asleep. Also learn to be completely in the present moment so I don’t rip someone’s eyebrow off! Ha/ha

Use your dreams to your advantage. Many times answers to life’s perplexing questions will be answered in your dream state. Ask one question before retiring to bed. “What’s the best way to heal the anxiety I’ve been having?” “How can I get along better with my teenage son?” “What’s the next step for me to go after my dreams?”

Many individuals can’t remember dreams when starting out. Here are a few tips and tricks.

1. Tell yourself before falling asleep “I want to remember my dreams, help me to remember my dreams.”

2. If you wake to an alarm, tell yourself to wake up 10 min. before your alarm goes off. Alarms are a sure killer of remembering a dream because they bring you to an awake state abruptly.

3. Wake up slowly, stay in la la land and stay as long as you can. (My favorite meditative state to be in) You will become skilled at doing this the more you practice. You will even learn to go in and out of the dream and control it. (This is called lucid dreaming, which is very beneficial to creating a life you want since you are telling the subconscious mind what you want.)

4. While in this dreamy state repeat the dream to yourself. “I am in the woods playing with horses,” for example. As soon as your mind goes to the day’s events the dream will leave you so stay present to it.

5. Keep your journal and pen by your bed side to record as soon as you wake up while the details are still fresh. You could even use a hand held recorder and write it later.

The Meditate on the Go journal has a section for your dreams. It has all the perfect questions to assist you in interpreting your dreams. Don’t have a journal? You can get one here.

“The dream tracker is the easiest way I have found to remember my dreams. Thanks, I love the Meditate on the Go journal!” Ron, ID

Have FUN with this. Dreams are fascinating! Post your favorites here, positive or negative- We would love to hear about your dreams.

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One Response to Dreams

  1. Collective Thoughts make a difference! Check out Kathy’s dream

    Just wanted to share with you the dream I had last night. By the way I did watch King Kong last saturday.

    In my dream I was on a train downtown Salt Lake. King Kong raised up and was destroying everything in his path. I thought for sure the train was the next thing he would grab. So everyone on the train held the thought, “Don’t pick up the train.” He left the train alone and went on destroying. I quickly got off the train and found my cousin wondering, she had lost her glasses and couldn’t see. Some bullies were bothering her. So I hid because I knew I couldn’t stop them. When they left I helped my cousin to a safe place. There was chaos all around. Buildings crashing, fires, people screaming. I was scared but calm.

    Okay here is the kicker. When I woke up I thought, “oh my gosh something big is going to happen to Salt Lake.” Maybe an earthquake. So I went to my journal to record my dream and started answering the questions. I came away with a completely different outlook to the dream. Here are some conclusions I came up with:

    1.The main feelings & emotions I was experiencing in the dream: Scared, but calm. Thinking logically.
    2. Problems & conflicts in the dream: Chaos all around me. Building crashing down. Running & hiding.
    3. How were they dealt with? Collective thoughts (everyone thinking the same thing) changed King Kongs actions.
    4. How did the dream end? King kong licked some lipstick samples and was reduced in size. We thought he was dead but all of a sudden he awoke and got even bigger.
    5. How does this dream relate to my waking life? I feel like my life is caotic. I’m always running away and hiding my true emotions. I feel my life is crashing down around me.
    6. The message I learned about myself from this dream: That I can remain calm and think things through even with caos around me. I am the anchor.
    7. Colors in the dream: Brown (King Kong) & lots of grays.

    I got a totally different prespective from it. Just wanted to share this. Hope you have a good day.