Quantum Touch Training

From left to right Judy Nelson, Carolyn Knight, Wendy Hay, Lisa Savage, Monica Taylor, Leslie Johnson, Sandra Baker
Quantum Touch is so much fun! This is one the simplest tools I have found to raise your vibration and feel better. When you combine breathing, focused attention and happy thoughts, you get amazing results! Watch for upcoming trainings. Here is a picture of our first training group.
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About Sandra Baker

Lover of Life, Creator of Intuitive Life Coach Academy, Rapid Eye Trainer Author children's book "The Unique You." Passionate about Connecting Heaven & Earth, playing on the planet blissfully and connecting relationships.

One Response to Quantum Touch Training

  1. DreamPacker says:

    The Quantum Touch training was awesome! I just got the books and they are a great review and resource. I have used it on husband and friend with success. (They want more.) But especially on my horse, Wayfarer, who has arthritis in his shoulder and bone spur problems in one leg. I took him for a ride and ran energy whenever we stopped. Then, he kept stopping more and more, wanting more energy runs! The next time I rode him, he acted 10 years younger, kicking up his heels and wanting to run.