who/what is making choices

My question has to do with who / what is actually making choices. This is a pretty deep question and I hope I can describe it so it is understandable. So there is an ego (or more than one) and our spirit. We have teachers, guides, angels etc…All of these entities talk to us, providing many many thoughts / ideas. Do you have any thoughts as to who / what makes the final choice. After all the input from the above mentioned sources (and then some)we purchase the blue one instead of the pink one, why? Some would say it doesn’t matter, please understand, I’m not wrapped up at all about the colors in the example, just the process. I have recently come to realize / believe there are (or can be) multiple ego spirits that are here to assist us with specific challenges. The questions I pose to you relate to further understanding of how to embrace the ego(s) and move strongly toward following spirit input and not the other inputs mentioned above.

I am currently interested in finding out more about the choice process and who /what makes the actual choice given all the input from our many “voices”. Free will prevails. Choice is very different when we are passionate about a certain something. Let me know if you have any thoughts or theories about how the final choice is made.

Jeff -Salt Lake City

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  1. Jeff,
    As you said we have many voices in our head. Those voices represent our programmed belief systems. Things we heard as a child and then we make a decision as to what that means about ourselves and create these programmed limiting beliefs. The process of choosing can come from this voice if the neural pathway in our brain gives us a previous experience to this choice as to what we should do. This is the voice that is looking to keep us safe. It is also our fight or flight program. Which will usually limit us. When you are talking about making choice from passion, spirit self kicks in giving you some truths about you and inspiring you to go big. That is when I believe we have much inspiration coming in from angels and spirit guides to go for it. I believe Many of our choices, our spirit self has set up for us to experience more of life. The way we know if spirit self is present is by our emotions and feelings that move, touch and inspire us. So to summarize, we do have many parts of us but if you break it down to 2 the ego and spirit, it will be much easier to make the distinction. Does this choice move, touch and inspire me? Does it excite me? Ask for confirmation from spirit realm as to the choice you make.