5 tips to Enjoy the Holidays during difficult times

At times when money is short, jobs are hard to find, and stress and anxiety are on the rise, it may seem overwhelming to enjoy the holidays. We live in a time in the world that is very unique. The economy is dropping and many people are out of work. What can you do? How do you deal with the stress?

With all experiences in life, negative or positive, there is a gift. The gift is much easier to find during good times… but what is the gift, you may be asking, with what I am experiencing now? The gift is in the learning…

Here are some simple tips to receive the gifts available to you now.

1. Instead of asking “Why me?” ask “What can I learn from this experience?” Keep this prayer in your heart and seek answers. They will show up through various forms such as feelings, a thought that seems to come from nowhere, a conversation, a clip in a movie or on TV, through lyrics in a song, a book you may be drawn to, or even a random email . As you receive answers, write them down. Journal answers that come to you in the moment you receive them. Be present to the feelings of peace and love that come to you. (If you struggle with answers to prayers, the one-day “Intuitive Living” event is for you: check times and dates.)

2. Stay present to the moment. When you are in fear or worry, you are in the future. When you are in guilt and regret, you are in the past. These emotions are meant to last about two seconds; just long enough to notice them and choose what you would rather have. Keep bringing your thoughts to the right here, right now where you are warm, safe and dry.

3. Bring in feelings of gratitude for all that you do have and are experiencing right now. Gratitude lifts your spirits and the vibration that you are emitting to attract more of what you want rather than what you don’t want. Make a list of all that you are grateful for. Add to it daily. In the “Meditate on the Go Journal” there is a section to record gratitude on a daily basis (available here).

4. Dance to a new tune. Life’s experiences can bring about a lot of change we may not be accustomed to. “Dance to a new tune” means to celebrate life in all of its forms. Having a Christmas without gifts is a great way to experience Christmas in different ways. These ways don’t have to be bad, just different. In fact, you’ll find the most memorable holidays you have experienced were because of a feeling you remember, not because of something you received. Practice feeling the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of giving of yourself right now as you are reading this.

5. Give the gifts you can give. Give your time. Your time can be more valuable than any amount of money you give when the time you give is given from love. Hold love in your heart and visit those who are less fortunate then you. The homeless shelters are full of opportunities to share yourself with others. Visit those in retirement centers who don’t have family near them. Allow spirit to guide you as where to go and give freely.

Celebrate the season by dancing to a new tune! That tune can be created any way you wish. You are the creator! Choose to create love, gratitude and joy. You can feel it now! Take a few moments to be present to those words and feel them as I am sending them…

Happy Holidays!
Love and Light, Sandra

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