Happy Easter (click on link to Glenda Green, Artist’s website)

This weekend my heart is full of gratitude for Him. He is my Master, Teacher and Life Partner. It is because of Him that I do what I do. I celebrate this weekend as his birthday since it is the weekend that he is most celebrated and I believe it is not only his birth into immortality but also near his physical birth on the planet.

Yeshua, as I have come to know him taught me how to let go of attachments and turn all my pain over to him. He taught me how to trust, how to forgive and how to see others through His eyes. It was him who held my shaking body when I lost my first love. I was pleading in a heap on the floor with a broken heart begging God to take away the pain after my divorce. “Who would be there to love me and my 3 children?” I pleaded. The convulsions ceased as I felt his arms envelop me like a warm blanket “I LOVE YOU AND THAT’S ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED” A life-changing moment for me.

At the most painful moment in my life, giving up my children in a custody battle, He was there. He took each of my children when I laid them on the altar in my sacred meadow. It was at that time I purged my soul to him. Not knowing how I would survive without my 4, 6, and 8 yr. old living with me. My whole identity of who I thought I was as a mother was ripped out from under me. It was He who gave me a new IDENTITY. I was awakened to remember who I really am. It is this reason, I so desire others to have the same experience. This is how I came to be. We come to teach that which is our greatest challenge in overcoming.

I encourage you this weekend (Even if you are not Christian) to commune with Him. He is an Enlightened Being and He wants to be your life partner. Consider the possibility He wants you to see him as your equal and best friend. He wants you to see yourself through His eyes. Request this.. Your life will never be the same.

When I meditate with Him, this portrait is the man I see. My friend, Bob Nelson showed this painting of Him to me several years ago. When I saw it, I wept feeling his exquisite love. Of all his portraits, this one has hit home to me the most.
Glenda Green the talented artist tells her touching story here of how she came to paint him.
Spend some time checking out her site, she is incredibly gifted. Her story is beautiful. Take some time this weekend to meditate on His love for you. ASK Him who you are….

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