Lessons from our deceased loved ones

Memorial Weekend is the time of the year to contemplate our loved ones who have crossed over. (scroll to the bottom of the page first so you can hear the songs I created to play for you while reading this article. The first is “There can be Miracles when you believe” It is my wish for you to receive miracles concerning your loved ones.)

Passing is a near and dear subject to me as I have experienced the loss of many I love. It seems that recently this subject has been more prevalent as I have received inquiries about loss and grieving.

It has always been a fascinating topic for me. Some of my most profound spiritual experiences have been feeling the presence of those relationships who are now in spirit form. I have learned much from them about the other side.

One who is near and dear to me is my husband’s first wife, Julie, whom I have never met here in the physical. However, she is a very dear friend as she has been a tremendous influence in my life and my marriage. She has helped me as a mother and a wife; in many instances, she guides me with what to say and do. I feel her presence when I am with her children, my step-children and she teaches me how to love them unconditionally. She has also many times helped me see my husband from a more spiritual point of view when I have needed to understand him.
She taught me much about unconditional love. The first time I felt her presence brought so much love to me that I was humbly overwhelmed with tears of joy. She taught me that there is no such thing as the emotion of jealousy in this spirit realm where she resides. After feeling her presence, I could never feel jealous or anything but love for her. This has been a great blessing in my life, for as many of you know, when someone crosses over, they can be exalted and put on a pedestal, and being the second wife, I wondered if I could measure up. It was important for me to have the experiences with her that I did so that I would not feel inadequate coming into this family 14 years ago.

My Father’s passing taught me that we can be loved and comforted with these loss relationships anytime we desire. We must learn to quiet the chatter in our minds so we can sense their presence and listen. One day when I was mourning my father’s passing he came and reminded me that he is available anytime I need him, he let me know that time and space cannot separate us and he would be there for me. These relationships can actually be more available to us now than they were on earth as we come to understand this concept. Time and space does not have to separate us. From their new perception, they can understand us better by experiencing our point of view. There is not much room for mis-perceptions as there was when they were alive and communicating with us. They desire to reach us and speak to us. They’re love for us comforts our grieving hearts. Ask to hear, feel, smell, and even receive their touch in a way that is possible for you.

If you are in deep pain with the loss of a loved one, you may need a grieving session where I take you through learning to access your loved one and commune with them. Together we transform the broken, empty space in your heart that their passing left and create a new relationship there so that you can experience them with love rather than pain.

I also have trained Life Coaches who can take you through this process if I am not available. Don’t worry if you are not local, My life coaches and I see clients all over the world using a program called skype where you can see me and I can see you. http://www.awakenwithin.net/sessions.html

I have written an E-book, “Understanding Death of the Body” that is available when you sign up on my front page www.awakenwithin.net.

It will take you to a page of free stuff for you where you can find the E-book. If you have already signed up and don’t have the link to the free stuff, you can email me and I will send it to you. Also on my website is an audio download on how to be more spiritually connected with your angels and deceased loved ones. It’s an 11 part audio packed with A Lot of information for only $27.00 www.awakenwithin.net/shop-books.html.

It’s my wish and desire that you connect with your loved ones in a way that heals your broken, grieving heart. My prayers are with you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My Mom passed away from Breast Cancer a year ago in Feb. She was our family glue. It seems everyone is seperating themselves from our family because of pain or whatever they are feeling is changing our families relationship. My Dad remarried to a great women who had also lost her spouse. She is a great addition to our family. I feel I have grown more in my life having this experience of seeing her leave here and go home. I feel her often and know she is so happy. She checks on us kids and also comes to see her grandbabies while I’m tucking them in. Death can be such a great lesson. I miss her so much, but I know she is where there is pure love and happiness. I can’t help but be happy that she’s there. Thanks for sharing your articile. Stannah