Come back to the love you are

“What would create the most amount of healing in the shortest amount of time?” I have been asking this question since the beginning of 2010. “How can I – We get a message of hope, healing, peace and love to the world?”

The answer always comes back to love. Teach, show and be the love that you are. We are all love. Love is who you are and love is all you are. Everything else you are acting from is an illusion or an act coming from a place of need. Need to prove, need to get, need to have, …..need to try and be something because we believe we’re not. This need or lack is born from the ego, who believes we are separated from that love and does everything it can to try to obtain the feeling of it. Yet it is already within you, me and everyone. AWAKENING IT is our journey here on planet earth.

What if you, I, we, the world really got this concept of love? What would the world be like? If you are reading this message, you are answering the call to come back to the love that you are. Congratulations! If you’re wondering what that looks like, quiet your mind and ask. The answer is within you. “How can I be and act the love that I am?” This is your purpose here. To learn and teach this to others in a way that is unique only to you.

My own answer has come to instill that love in others through products and playshops. This year that is where my focus is. I have created a journal and a day planner that are designed to raise your vibration daily. (If you don’t have these tools, get them today….) tools for your AWAKENING

Today I am creating music with my friend Ken Kruckenberg. Actually I am sitting here sending love and writing while we are in his studio and he is the one (with the angels) creating music. Ken is a very talented musician and light worker. (click on his name to see his website.) He created the music on Heather Macauley’s cd ‘The Silent Language of Peace’ which I also highly recommend.

Spirit prompted me to request of Ken to create a musical cd to play in the background of your work and home environment to clear negative energies, raise vibration and create unconditional love. Karen is Ken’s partner. She is a very talented Intuitive. She and I met this morning to create a sacred space for Ken. I was very honored to create a ritual with her.

I am so excited about this project! I want you all to be part of it because it is for you! Please send your love and intention for the music to transform you as you listen to it. Here is the actual email I sent to Ken and Karen. (Kelly and Jessica I refer to in the email are dear souls who have recently crossed over)

Watch for the music to be released soon! I will keep you posted.

Hi Ken and Karen,
I am blessed to know you both and work with you on this project. It could not be completed without either of you. There is a sense of urgency for this music to be created. I am humbled to play a part with such masters as you both. Ken, your gift is amazing and you have been chosen to use it to channel HIS LOVE. I know it will bless millions of lives on earth as well as many existences, including right now for Jessica and Kelly.

Karen Could you meet with me at 10 in the morning to cleanse the place?
This is very sacred work, and I will prepare myself as well through meditation, prayer and what I put in my body.
Please try to avoid harsh foods or chemicals in the next 24 hours.

Bless you both..
(Ken, know that you have elected to do this long ago. You have already created it in another existence. You will just be tapping into remembering it. )
Here is my intention for the music
• Ken is a clear channel of unconditional love
• The music transforms negative energies back to a state of wholeness
• The music is a vibrational match to whole and healthy chakras
• Each note is infused with God Source
• As each person hears, feels, experiences the music, their spirits are lifted to levels of compassion, understanding, forgiveness and transformation.
• The music will be played as background music in people’s homes to transform relationships, heartache, depression and pain
• Ultimately the music will be a conduit to acknowledge God Source as each individual gets who and what they are as being ONE with IT
• The more individuals listen to it, the more peace and joy they will experience as part of their reality

Lots of love to you both with many blessings for co-creating this…
I love you.

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