Intuitive Life Coaching Highland UT

Left to right upper: Monica Taylor, Leslie Johnson, Judy Nelson, Daniel Biddulph, Carolyn Knight, Lisa Louvar, Kathy Benjamin, Colleen Crystal, Sandra Baker
Bottom: Kathy Carlson, Daphne Taylor, John Crystal.

We had some AAAMAZING BREAKTHROUGHS! I don’t think individuals realize when they come to training to learn a process, how much processing they themselves go through. There were several individuals who looked lighter and free’er (is that a word?) by the time training was over. I am so excited to see this group use their gifts and talents! I am honored to know you all!
“Wow! What a weekend. Just wanted to thank all of you! It was great to get to know you. I feel I have come so far in such a short period of time. Where have you been all my life Sandy? Thanks for showing up for me. As I stepped into that prayer circle on Sunday, the emotions and tears just started. I had no control over them. Thank you all for helping me to heal this. Your love, prayers, and energy all connected with the power of God. Thank you Leslie for seeing the pink heart chakra and gold light chakra and Sandy for directing the healing. I was able to open my heart and see the love and healing.”
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Lover of Life, Creator of Intuitive Life Coach Academy, Rapid Eye Trainer Author children's book "The Unique You." Passionate about Connecting Heaven & Earth, playing on the planet blissfully and connecting relationships.

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