Intuitive Life Coach Training / Rigby Idaho

Above: Checking out the hail storm during training. The view was spectacular. Thank you Diane for the use of your beautiful home!

Below: We were able to lift John out of the chair when we added visualization and intention with only 2 fingers!

From left to right: (upper) Leslie Johnson, Kathy Benjamin, Suzanne Woods, John Crystal, Sandra Baker, Daphne Taylor, Diane Merrill, Colleen Crystal

Considering being a Life Coach? Do you want to make a difference in others lives? Do you love energy work, discovering your spiritual gifts and personal development? Check out what some of our participants are saying…

“I learned so much about myself and how to heal. I am so excited to share it with others!”

“If you want to be truly enlightened and learn to make money using these gifts, attend!”

“This course helped me to discover my purpose, brought a lot to my awareness and now I can guide others through sessions and find their core limiting believes as well as discover their greatest strengths.” Colleen

“The training was perfect! It’s a great way to discover who you truly are and why you are on this journey. I am so excited to start coaching!” Kathy

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