Discover the Intuitive Life Coach Within

Who are Intuitive Healers? Try on the possibility; they are anyone who chooses to be. Everyone has the gift of Intuition and Insight. It’s learning to use that gift that gives you the ability to use it. Intuition is a knowing about things. A healer is defined as one who heals. Then aren’t we all healers? For we all have the ability to heal and be healed, if not to assist others, then surely ourselves. Have you ever noticed how natural you heal when you wound yourself? It’s what our bodies know.

5 ingredients to Developing Intuition

  1. Seek – Until you have a question, the answers don’t come. Questions open the door for your intuition to come in and give you answers either from your Higher Self or God and Spirit Realm.
  2. Imagination – A key ingredient in learning to use your intuition muscle. When you were a child, your imagination was limitless. So were your spiritual gifts. Because of our innocence, we had the ability to see so much more when we were young. Be young again.
  3. Trust – When you hear, feel or sense something, go with it. Make a list of all of those times you had an impression to do something, you did it, and it paid off.
  4. Awareness – Be aware of everything around you. Pay attention, be still… Train yourself to meditate. Learn to be the observer of the thoughts rather than the thoughts themselves.
  5. Dreams – They are part of your intuition. Pay attention. They are communicating to you. They have many messages to tell you. What was the underlying emotion? That will tell you a lot about your life. Learn more about dreams.

Become an Intuitive Life Coach

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