How to De-Stress during Stressful Times

Have you ever noticed when you feel stressed, any weakness your body experiences becomes multiplied? Stress affects all of us through chronic fatigue, sickness, emotional imbalances and if not treated eventually disease.  It also affects our relationships, our careers and even our level of income. Stress is part of our every- day lives and how we manage it will determine its effects on us and the quality of lives we live.

Through this 2-hour seminar you will learn:

  • Not only to manage stress but transform it to benefit you
  • The greatest problem solving secret
  • Techniques to diminish stress and even annihilate it
  • Tools to solve your biggest problems
  • Your greatest asset to create a life you love

“This is life changing information that forever changed the way I dealt with problems, and as a result my blood pressure went down.” Ed Chaedle – Red Cross Blue Shield

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